Cheap Beach Destinations For Beachgoers

April 7, 2021
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Summer hues are shining bright this year and so is the land of the United States. One thing that everyone can agree on is that among the nightlife and might landscapes, the beach in the US has a special place in one’s heart. Unfortunately being cooped inside for long, not so much thankful to the pandemic, you may want to travel this year with a fresh dose of water fun with beachy waves. 

The budget might be tightly leashed as a side effect of this ungrateful pandemic, still, there are numerous beaches you can always plan a visit to this year. 

Take a look down below and plan the easiest route to your favorite most cheap beach to visit. 

Rehoboth and Bethany Beach, Delaware

If you already live in one of the oceanfront real estate areas, then you know already about the popular Rehoboth and Bethany Beach in Delaware. Although the beaches are smaller, broad, and leveled with white sand with an occasional tidal wave. But summer calls for cool water fun and this beach is a perfect choice. 

Quite a livelier process, you can enjoy a lot here besides the usual suntan too. It is a family-friendly beach. Both of these beaches have boardwalks and trapping of oceanside Americana you don’t want to miss. Like saltwater taffy? You got it! 

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Another cheap beach destination that you do not want to miss is Myrtle Beach. Easy on the pocket with warmer weather, it is one of a kind of a beach. Although the most exciting part is that you get to have outdoor fun with more than 100 golf courses and 60 miles of crystal sandy shoreline – all of it is super inexpensive. 

If with a family you can even get to adopt the best dog breeds for kids at the local pet store near the beachside! Since it’s a popular spot, it can be a bit crowded during the summer, so you better plan your accommodations. You will enjoy the best views if you stay at a pet-friendly condo. 

Delray Beach, Florida

Florida is the hub spot for numerous beaches. Contrary to Boca Raton, Delray Beach is a cheaper option you may want to try with a limited budget. 

Also known for “The Avenue” you can easily find value-oriented hotels, restaurants, and exclusive live bars too. The beach is deliberately long which means you have enough room to go swimming and surfing, experience snorkeling just right off the coast too. 

Besides the regular fun, you can also observe wildlife at Wakodahatchee Wetlands and also pay an honorable visit to Japanese Gardens. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Why not give an American Latin twist to your cheap beach vacay? 

To be honest, the popular spot in the Caribbean is a total giveaway for a cheap tropical adventure. The city of San Juan is a modern and thriving metropolis that happens to give its visitors an inexpensive beachy experience. The beach sites are surrounded by lush green forests and bioluminescent bays! 

Do not worry about the currency conversion, just hone your Spanish and you can carry on being a happy tourist. Besides the beach fun, you can visit the 16th-century fort – a popular attraction and the El Yunque National Forest too. It’s a perfect tropical summer idea for you. 

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Even if you have never been there, know this, the beach is as beautiful as they come elsewhere. Arguably Oregon’s most loved beaches stretch for 80 miles to the west of Rose City. 

Haystack Rocks, the towering stone columns, are just one of the several popular highlights you want to see at least once in your lifetime. The wildlife experience is amazing too. You might even encounter a sea lion! 

It’s not a tropical wonder but much on the cooler side. The picture-perfect weather is ideal for hot summer days. Besides, you can always visit the town and scour Spruce Street and Hemlock Street too. You will surely be swept off your feet with this one-of-a-kind beach. 

For your convenience, you can pick a location randomly or go visit the beach that is nearest to you. Summer days will only get hotter with each passing day. So if you are a high-spirited beachgoer who wants to spend quality time in a pocket-friendly way, you can have your pick any time of the day! Do share your summer beach experience if you have visited any of these beaches before. 

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