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Things Which Make Your Winter Cozy And Desirable

April 9, 2021
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Many women are looking forward to winter with some caution. It seems to them that now they will have to wrap themselves in oversized sweaters, sacrificing their own attractiveness for the sake of comfort. In fact, in winter you can look stylish and fashionable while maintaining your health and highlighting your beauty. You just need to carefully approach the preparation of a wardrobe for the cold season. We have compiled a list of women’s clothes that will make winter looks more attractive, warm, and cozy.

Basic Nuances

First of all, it is worth noting that the winter wardrobe is not clearly linked to a specific season. In fact, it includes the same clothes we wear in late fall or cool spring. In addition, if the outerwear is selected correctly, then even lighter things designed for a cool summer can be worn under it.

When choosing clothes from online replica lawn dresses, you should always focus on materials. It should be natural or mixed fabric – wool, cashmere, drape, tweed, dense knitwear. They are:

  • have high thermal insulation properties,
  • allow moisture to pass through,
  • do not irritate the skin,
  • do not hold down in movements.
  • Subject to the recommendations of the manufacturers, these fabrics retain their shape after washing.
  • Winter clothing should have a minimum of decor. First, it only makes the thing heavier. Secondly, at low temperatures, the decor cools down, causing inconvenience. If you want to stand out, you can choose an item of unusual knitting or with an original pattern. Such decorations will not in any way affect the thermal insulation properties of the sweater or sweatshirt. As for accessories, it is better to take clothes with a zipper for the winter. Clothes with buttons or rivets let cold air in and heat out.

Basic Things For The Winter

  • You don’t have to buy all the sweaters and jumpers to feel comfortable and warm in the cold winter. It is enough to make a wardrobe of basic things. By combining them with each other, you can create original images for every day.
  • The basis of the winter wardrobe is outerwear. In the winter 2019-2020 season, puffed jackets are still relevant. It is best to choose clothes in which goose down acts as a filler. She will be able to withstand any frost. It is desirable that the model be equipped with a water-repellent impregnation that will easily tolerate wet precipitation. Women who prefer a classic style, in addition to a down jacket, can get a fur coat made of faux fur or a coat made of 100% wool with a good lining.

As for the second layer of clothing, we have compiled a list of things that can be considered must-haves for the upcoming season. It included:

  1. High neck sweater. When it’s snowing outside or cold winter winds are blowing, it’s especially nice to wrap yourself in a warm sweater. It is desirable that he has a high collar that will protect the throat and keep him healthy. If you don’t like oversized models, choose skinny turtleneck noodles. It should be made from soft wool or dense knitwear. These materials deliver pleasant tactile sensations, do not constrain movement, and do not irritate the skin. You can choose models with a high neck and a stand-up collar, made in a variety of colors, in our collection.
  2. Basic jacket. If, due to the dress code at work or school, you are forced to constantly wear classic clothes, supplement your wardrobe with basic knitted sweaters. Choose from a crewneck, boat neckline, or buttoned V-neck. As a rule, such sweaters are made of soft but dense knitwear, which warms well and fits nicely into the body. The variety of colors allows you to choose sweaters for any classic or informal clothing.


  1. Trousers. To feel warm in especially cool weather, try to get yourself a pair of warm pants. If you see jeans with fleece or insulation, be sure to add them to your personal collection. They will come in handy in winter, cool autumn, or spring. If you prefer trousers, choose straight, classic styles. It is desirable that they made from natural wool.
  2. Dress. Winter is not a reason to give up beautiful dresses. Moreover, in our collection, you can find interesting models from thick warm knitwear. They emphasize the beauty of the figure, warm well, give freedom of movement. You can choose a dress with a round or V-neck, a stand-up collar, or a high neckline. Depending on the color chosen, such a thing can wear to work, school, to a restaurant, or to a friendly party. If necessary, the image can be complemented with a jacket or warm cardigan.
  3. Thermal underwear. The most important element of a winter look, which hidden from others, is thermal underwear. Even famous designers began to add thermo leggings, thermo jackets, and whole sets to their collections. They can wear under dresses, sweaters, skirts while feeling the maximum comfort and warmth. Some models endowed with tight-fitting properties, therefore, they correct the silhouette and make the figure more precise.

Shoes For The Winter

Shoes for the winter deserve special attention. For this season, it is better to give up heels. Give preference to models with a flat sole or a small platform. They will go well with the things we described above. Insulated Chelsea boots, Timberlands or classic black lace-up boots are ideal choices. In such shoes, you can safely move around both on snowdrifts and on slippery sidewalks. If possible, choose products with helium or grooved soles. 

This is just a basic list of things that should be present in a women’s wardrobe for the winter. It can change, supplemented, shortened by adding clothes to it that better fit into everyday life, your own preferences, or budget. Based on them, you can create a capsule collection that will allow you to feel stylish and beautiful even in severe frosts.

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