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Tips To Remember For Finding The Perfect Jacket

March 18, 2021
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It’s not enough just to get hold of a trendy blazer. To stay in trend, a fashionista needs to understand the features of the correct fit. In the 80s, jackets were worn wide open, while being several sizes larger than necessary. In the 90s, jacket fashion was characterized by a sexy fit and shortness. What are we dealing with now? Let’s find out how the modern fashion world wears a favorite element of formal business style. 


Firstly, Trends change every season. One thing is invariable: a stylish women’s jacket is always popular with both fashionistas and couturiers. We love to combine it with different ensembles. Good additions to jackets are not only fashionable women’s blouses and shirts, but also faux leather peplum tops, T-shirts, T-shirts, tunics, bodysuits, jumpers, and, of course, dresses.

Before you go for a new thing, you should define trendy styles. 

The following jackets rule the fashion ball this season:

  • Oversized of any degree: from simply free to overtly hypertrophied;
  • Double-breasted or just with a smell (couturiers experimented a lot on the theme base jacket, and various interpretations of the classics were presented, including asymmetric options with a peplum on one side, different-sized floors, sewn-on flounces);
  • A jacket with a belt (also got a lot of interesting variations);
  • Jacket in the style of a new bow: with a clear waist, wide top, and flared bottom (contrasting solutions of this kind are also possible: we supplement the classic business upper with a super-bulky bottom, and you can emphasize the transition with an additional accent – a wide or medium belt with a large buckle);
  • The immortal masterpiece of Coco Chanel: a straight collarless short jacket with a three-quarter sleeve;
  • A maximized jacket in every sense, close in length to a coat;
  • The continuation of the shirt trend of warm seasons – a blazer pulled off the shoulders with a wide neckline;
  • Fitted with puffy sleeves, accented shoulders, a peplum, or any other voluminous solution;
  • An hourglass jacket with a front mullet;
  • A jacket with a sporty baggy cut (the style is closer to a bomber jacket than to a business model);
  • “Mexican” embroidered waist-length jacket;
  • A model in a military-style (officer’s tunics, army jackets, which are characterized by strict forms, a stand-up collar, and many geometric details of the cut);
  • Jacket-biker jacket with a zipper or buttons;
  • Jacket dress (one of the hottest trends).


The answer depends, again, on the choice of style.

The classic model of ladies’ wardrobes is fitted or semi-fitted. Such a jacket keeps its shape well and has a clear line of the shoulders. Landing has a strict geometry. The classics are designed to structure the image.

The wide masculine cut is quite tight in the chest and hips, and loose at the waist. The shoulder seam does not compromise the natural harmony of the silhouette. The shelves are straight, there are no unnecessary folds and gatherings.

However, The oversized version allows for slight exaggeration in the shoulders to create layered bows. Please note that such a model cannot wear tight. So if you plan to wear an oversized jacket over a thick jumper, consider the future fit. It should remain with an allowance.

The form-fitting model lives up to its name: it sits on the figure. The model completely repeats the silhouette of the fashionista. Such a jacket has many darts, it can make elastic fabric.

Thick material is always an advantage for the jacket segment. It allows the product to keep its shape well, to model the figure. The more darts and seams, the better the model fits the female shape. Do not forget that the jacket should fit well in any condition: open and buttoned.


Lastly, A jacket is a versatile wardrobe item. We combine such clothes with a variety of looks. Therefore, it is so important to choose a model size, comfortable and practical, with a perfect fit. In this case, the jacket will become your fashionable lifesaver.

There are clear rules on how to choose the right size jacket. 

They work for all cut options, not only fitted but also maximize.

  1. Pay attention to the shoulders first. With or without shoulder pads, the jacket looks beautiful when the shoulder seam runs from the neck to the arm, ending at the extreme points. A crisp fit over the shoulders creates the most harmonious silhouette. For oversize, a slightly increased length is permissible, which visually expands the chest.
  2. Examine the lapels properly. Their condition is an indicator of the correct width of the product. The lapels should lie straight and not wrinkle or wrinkle. Also, by these details, you can determine the quality of tailoring. If they do not hang, do not bend, keep their shape, feel free to take a new thing.
  3. A jacket sleeve, regardless of its length, must fit in width. The easiest way to test this is to roll it up. This is also useful for evaluating the bow because we often wear jackets in this form. When typing a report, chatting with colleagues, or just sitting on a park bench, a fashionista is likely to open her wrists, making her look more democratic. Roll-up sleeves that match the width do not fall back.
  4. The length of the jacket is individual.

The owner of lush hips will like the elongated version, which slightly covers the buttocks. The model stretches the silhouette and slims. A mid-thigh jacket or below does not hide the natural beauty of your shape, but it helps to present it most advantageously.

Girls with a boyish figure without a pronounced waist should pay attention to the oversized segment. Surprisingly, the masculine layering emphasizes the femininity of the silhouette.

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