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Halloween Jackets For 2020

September 29, 2020
Halloween Jacket

The word Halloween has its roots in the famous term, “All Hallows’ Eve,” which means ‘hallowed evening.’ Many years ago, people started showing up in different costumes and went door-to-door of their neighborhoods to collect treats, putting forward the undying and exciting tradition of trick-or-treating. This tradition is celebrated throughout the world on the last night of October. Where people would sit around bonfires and wear their favorite Halloween Jackets. Decades have passed, and the celebrations have only been intensified! 

These costumes are the kind of clothes you want to wear on this occasion. With the elegant and robust color of the jacket, you will stand out from the crowd when you put one of these on! Not only are these just for Halloween, but they can be worn on many different occasions. They are durable as well, so think of this as money well spent! 

Halloween just around the corner. It is essential to remember that this world is currently going through a very tough phase. The pandemic has been affecting many lives globally, and it is important to practice social distancing. This means that it is not recommended to go outside and knock on doors asking for goodies this time. Some people might even refuse to accommodate such people and might not react in the same way. Therefore, it is important to take notes of your responsibilities in these difficult times and act accordingly. The last thing we want is another spike in cases!

However, this does not mean we cannot celebrate Halloween! Yes, we can still enjoy this tradition and stay connected with our loved ones over the phone or on social media. See, this tradition is mainly about getting together with family, laughing, and talking about daily life. Kids get together and go door-to-door for goodies while the elderly remain at home and have a few drinks. It is all about socializing and the best way to practice socializing in the current times is to give them a call.

You can video call your loved ones in your favorite outfits, and they can do the same! You can also opt for online shopping and order treats and goodies and deliver them straight to their doors. This will avoid any physical contact with a gift and provide you with a hygienic solution. It will also make kids happy. All kids are looking forward to this occasion. And when they receive chocolates or other edibles, their happiness will be priceless. Kids these days are also going through this lockdown and pandemic, and the least you can do is make their stay-at-home phase worthwhile! 

Although it is not preferred to go out in these difficult times, some kids never take a no for an answer! We have all been there, but kids are kids. They are not used to staying at home all day. They like to play, go for walks, go to the parks, have fun, go to school, and just running around here and there. Our responsibility is to keep our kids entertained, especially on occasions like Halloween. When kids are eager to explore different areas of their neighborhoods. They also love to wear their favorite anime character outfits or their favorite comic book characters to make a unique appearance.

Adults like to decorate their houses and fill them with pumpkins! Some of them might feel that they might not be able to purchase house decorations or pumpkins. Well, guess what? They can easily find all these items online and order them without stepping outside their homes. Some adults might want to purchase different sorts of lights, props, and plan elaborate meals for their small gathering. Everyone has a unique way of celebrating this event. 

Teenagers enjoy dressing up too and cannot wait to attend parties, especially in their Southside Serpents Jacket. The hype of these iconic jackets comes from the thrilling show Riverdale where everyone’s favorite character Jughead rules the Southside Serpents. His father, FP Jones, led it, and now he is in charge of the crew and has many upcoming challenges to face. Everyone is excited about the new season and cannot wait for it to go on-air!

Viewers who are diehard fans of the show are wearing these jackets as a gesture to show their love for the show. And how eager they are for the new upcoming season. The iconic top layer comes in black color as we see Jughead wearing one but is there any other color available? The answer is yes! In the show Riverdale, fans can see Cheryl Blossom wear the jacket in a mesmerizing red color. Which is also quite famous! One cannot help but gush about the high-quality stitching and strength of these jackets with a prominent color. Making them a perfect Halloween outfit!

  1. Was planning to buy something new for this years Halloween. I am quite tempted after seeing this. I spotted a celebrity wearing a similar one for a red carpet show which I saw on an entertainment site. Loved the hues and colours used. I love to mix this up with white tees and blue jeans.

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