Tips To Consider While Going a Road Trip Alone

March 17, 2021
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Going solo is not everybody’s cup of tea. But if you’ve decided to take the plunge, you’re in for quite the adventure! It is a big step to take towards being more independent and getting to know and connect with yourself better. Needless to say, once your road trip is done. You’ll be left with so many stories to share. And that is perhaps the best part of it all!

That being said, going solo for the first time on a road trip is a challenging aspect, being all by yourself can be a bit daunting initially but don’t let that dampen your spirits! There’s a first time for everything and take a bike rental in goa when adventure calls, you should go!

Here are some tips that will take the edge off the worry that you’ve got for the road trip!

Have A Plan

Whether you love having a plan or you thrive on being spontaneous. It is best to have a general plan mapped out before you get behind the wheel. This is the first time that you’d be doing this which is why starting by figuring out the general route you wish to take will be the best. Know beforehand, the cities you plan to visit and the route you want to take to help you reach your destination.

Give some thought to the stops you want to make along the way as well. If you’re not too big on planning it all down to the T, at the very least figure out where you’d want to be at the start of each day of your trip.

Once you have that figured out, you can go ahead and book a hotel room and then plan how long you want to stay in each city.

Have a Backup Plan In Place

Before we get into this, read the point above again. Now, this tip is going to be in direct contrast with it. But we know that nothing goes as planned and honestly, that’s how life is! This is why having a backup plan is your safety.

This will be in the form of alternate routes, bringing along a copy of paper maps because you can’t always rely on your GPS (what if you lose service?), marking out places that you are okay with skipping if there’s a change in plan and having a hoard of snacks in the backseat because what if you decide to not stop for a full meal?

Get Your Car Checked

If your car isn’t in top-notch condition then you will have to toss out your solo road trip plan. Get your car checked for any discrepancies a few weeks before the trip and schedule an oil change as well. Top up the fluids and get the AC and the tires checked.

Let Someone In On Your Whereabouts

While the whole going solo idea revolves around being alone, someone must know where you are at a given time. So tell somebody you trust about your plans, where you plan to go, and how long you’ll be there, and just drop regular updates en route. Drop a message when you reach your destination or call.

Either way, ensure that someone back home knows where you are. It works both ways, if there’s an emergency, they can get in touch with you and let you in on it.

Live And Enjoy The Moment

Your solo road trip will boil down to being an adventure of a lifetime. You must let go of the routine trivial things that surround you and breathe in the place that you are in at the time!

Feel the independence flowing through your veins and take the time to rejuvenate your being. Spend enough time in a place to soak in its beauty, its people, culture, and cuisine.

Diving headfirst into something relatively new is definitely scary but it’s very rewarding and relieving as well! The world is a big place and there are so many things that you haven’t seen and experienced yet!

Think of it this way – your solo trip is your gateway to more adventures like these!

So, have fun and be safe, and bask in the moment!

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