10 Most Beautiful Beaches in World You Must Visit

February 18, 2021

Come on, it is not long before summer! If you are looking for ideas on where to spend your holidays in the sun, check out the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Beaches Awards ranking., the most beautiful beaches in the world awarded by TripAdvisor travelers with the best ratings and reviews.

If Baio does Sancho in Brazil stands out in the world top, the first in Europe is La Concha in San Sebastian in Spain. while the queen of Italian beaches is the Spiaggia Dei Conigli di, Lampedusa. Are you curious to know which are the other most beautiful paradises by the sea in the world?

Here are the top ten of the best beaches:

1. Baio do Sancho, Pernambuco, Brazil

Firstly, In the protected area of ​​the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, there is this wonderful beach that you can reach by going down a long staircase between the cliff. And the hike is well worth it as there is clear water, with many varieties of fish and turtles. A perfect destination if you love snorkeling or diving and if you are looking for a pristine bay surrounded by nature.

2. Varadero Beach, Cuba, Caribbean

Secondly, it is the most famous Cuban beach, two hours from Havana. And one of the most fun tourist destinations on the island. About 22 km long, it has white sand, a sea with all shades of blue, and tall palm trees. During the day, you can relax. However, in the evening your party in the many clubs to the sound of salsa.

3. Eagle Beach, Aruba, Caribbean

The natural habitat of several species of sea turtles is the largest beach on the island. And it is also the most photographed for its Divi Divi, large trees with bent stems, characteristic of this Caribbean paradise. While booking any resort or hotel in Aruba through MakeMyTrip, make sure to use the latest MMT hotel coupons to avail the best discount.

4. La Concha Beach, Basque Country, Spain

About 250 meters long and 20 meters wide, this bay got its name because it is shaped like a shell. Loved by the Spaniards, but not only, this year it won first place in the top ten of the most beautiful European beaches, according to TripAdvisor travelers.

5. Grace Bay, Turks, and Caicos, Caribbean

If you are looking for a postcard beach, this one will not disappoint you. Located on the north coast of Providenciales, you have at your disposal 20 km of white sand lapped by crystal clear waters. Where you can also dive to explore one of the largest coral reefs in the world.

6. Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States

Considered to be one of the must-see beaches in Florida, USA. It is famous for its super soft and white sea and its clear seas. Where many fun water sports are practiced, such as jet skiing, kite surfing, and parasailing.

7. Beach of the Conigli, Sicily, Italy

The only “Italian” present in the world ranking, is this beautiful beach of Lampedusa. Famous for its transparent sea, full of fish, and soft sand, has also been celebrated as the most beautiful local beach in Europe. It has won second place. A real “jewel” to see at least once in a lifetime.

8. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Located in the western part of the island. This half-moon-shaped beach has been crowned by many magazines as the best of all the Caribbean. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the dolce far niente by relaxing in the sun or take a mask and snorkel and go exploring the fantastic seabed.

9. Playa Norte, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

In Isla Mujeres, you can’t miss this beach that many consider being a real paradise on earth. Not only because you get a tan while lolling in hammocks, but also for its clear and calm sea, perfect for swimming in complete relaxation. And if you fancy a snack or a drink, there are plenty of bars.

10. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica, Caribbean

Lastly, In Negril, you can enjoy this dream beach, with talcum powder sand and a sea ​​that looks like a swimming pool. Here the watchword is to relax. So sit on the sunbed even until late, because the sunsets are not to be missed.


Do you dream of talcum powder sand where you can get a screaming tan and crystal-clear sea where you can dive? If you too can’t wait for summer to arrive, these are the top ten beaches to put on your holiday list.

  1. I can’t wait to travel again! I would love to visit the beach right now because it has been so cold & raining/snowing here lately. I went to the beach in Mexico years ago & it was so nice & the water was so clear!

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