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Bathroom Design According to Zodiac Signs

March 22, 2022
bathroom design

Bathrooms have come a long way from being a necessity to more of a luxury-induced relaxation spot. Apart from basic toilets use and bathing, bathrooms serve a major role in your self-care routine. The bathroom design has a lot to say about your personality than simply presenting an inviting interior.

As the current scenarios unfold, people in the UK are more concerned about designing their bathrooms according to their zodiac signs.

Here’s how your star can help you determine what type of look you should impart in the bathroom.


Aries people are known for their dynamic and bold outlook. They are the ones always at the forefront of starting a new trend, be it fashion or interior design. If you are one, you prefer going with vibrant cabinetry and retro-styled tilework, indicating your bold and fearless persona for everyone to feel.


Taurus is synonymous with tranquillity and relaxation. These people are always on the lookout for relaxing, neutral spaces that ensure opulence side by side. You can get inspiration from the iconic Sarah Sherman Samuel’s grand rapids bathroom that features massive roof to floor windows. The large windows keep you in contact with the natural greenery while you bathe in the freestanding bathtub inside.


Are you familiar with Dan Lessin’s townhome in Brooklyn? It looks much similar to the Mediterranean treehouse. If you are, you would know how closely they depict the treehouse façade and believe when we say it’s the same for their bathrooms. Going with the flow, these bathrooms feature everything realistically as they are. The zodiac sign of the twins, Gemini, prefers to have a dual-themed bathroom. This design comes with the perfect spot to hang your waterproof music players to tune in while you shower.


We all know how Cancerian people are. In most scenarios, they are mostly the odds one out. Preferring to eat at home-cooked food, develop a grumpy attitude without thinking, and lover of family antiquities. The two-toned bathroom interior, including the tub and vanity unit, Fran Taglia’s bathroom, can bring your dreamy inner person out.


Be it their appearance, personality, or type of tone, Leo buddies are the ones that strike you the most even at first glance. The Luxe upper east side bathroom design presented by Young Huh is a perfect embodiment of the Leo persona. The shimmering golden wall texture and gold chrome fixtures look no less than a royal experience.


With the attention to detail and meticulously sharp personality of Virgos, no bathroom design can truly satisfy their yearning for ‘proper ambiance’ unless you bring the iconic Brooklyn brownstone presented by Malene Barnett. The mosaic tile work on the walls and floor coupled with identical fixtures installed. Despite the spa-like calming environment, the turbulence of canary yellow would keep things robust.


Both Libra and Virgo have a knack and soft spot for aesthetic appearances. They lookout for a romantic and calming design that allows them to breathe a little after a tiring day outside. The brassy accents and rose-dyed curtains expressed on top of the spotless white surfaces, give the requested unhurried and soothing effects Libras look out for.


Scorpios love to play with design and interiors, especially in the case of the bathroom but seem to love the dark and stormy outlooks, as exhibited by Roberto Baciocchi as Prada architect. Layered with abalone shell tiles carrying tints of turquoise along the length of the wall, this design is a feeling in all its glory. To take your self-care and calmness to another level, lightbulbs are covered with a linen cloth with the idea of creating a hazy glow in the room.


The artificial and synthetic appearances were never found to attract Sagittarians. Such people find calmness and tranquillity with nature. Presenting the adventure-laden and natural ambiance, we have another one of Baciocchi’s creations. The bathroom is based on natural stone and raw wooden textures for bathroom vanity units that make you feel nature from the tips of your fingers.


No one can match the skin, and bone Capricorns put into everything they do. Only a bathroom that features a theme of quietness and peace can get them to halt and enjoy life as it is. The bathroom by Athena Calderone would soothe their minds. The bathroom gives a vibe off those honeymoon hotels that help you forget the bustle of life while you are taking a bath in the shower bathtub.


Almost everyone is creative to some extent in their lives, but Aquarius people lead the way with their ingenious ideas. Cameron Ruppert’s quirky bathroom design would appeal to such a man at first glance. Not because of its unconventional design but because it allows one to be creative in their own way. There are a lot of ways to be creative from installing a wall-hung vanity unit to an offset quadrant shower enclosure, that gives your bathroom an unusually attractive look. 


Presenting you a gentle and empathetic nature shared by Pisces and Taurus people alike. They always look for tranquillity in their everyday life, be it while reading the morning newspaper or brushing their teeth, or during the nightly skincare products. The bathroom designed by the famous Emily Henderson can be a great help in putting their thoughts to ease as it feels no less than an art studio itself. There is a possibility to create a serene environment by using a by using light shades, and dim colors. And of course, natural oak bathroom furniture can also be a great option for such bathroom spaces. 

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