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7 Signs That Show You Need a Professional Movers

March 14, 2022
7 Signs That Show You Need a Professional Movers

Removals, both residential and commercial, can get way more complicated than they should if proper planning is not done in the initial stages. Many people prefer moving on their own and sometimes it makes sense to go down that road – if the job is small and easily executable. However, often, you may require the need for professional movers to do the job for you. They are experienced and understand the grey areas of the removals industry well.

Demand for movers in developed countries such as Australia, the UK, the USA, France, Canada, and New Zealand is always high. For example, the number of people entering the country of New Zealand was reported to be around 897 in June of 2021. The majority moved into Auckland, where comparatively higher numbers of house movers operate. Outbound migrations and intrastate and international migrations also add to the demand for house removals in Auckland. The scenario is almost similar in all other cities like Melbourne, Sydney, London, NY, Las Vegas, Paris, Ottawa, Vancouver plus a host of many other cities worldwide. 

It is therefore recommended to get professional movers to help whenever you are planning to move, whether it is as simple as moving a small studio apartment or a large warehouse. Seasoned removalists can help you complete the move easily and smoothly.

Still, wondering why you need professional help? Look for these 7 signs to find out whether you need an experienced removalist to help you out.

Struggling To Come Up With an Itinerary

If you are facing issues in marking dates and scheduling tasks on your calendar, you probably need some professional help to help you plan the entire house move. Removal is not confined to the moving day itself. There are things like procuring packing materials, making an inventory, arranging vehicles, and comparing and analyzing budgets, as well. A removalist can help you take the load of most of these issues. Professional movers mainly offer packing supplies as well as carry their fleet of trucks and vans.

Worried About Damage 

Another major issue that pops up when moving on your own is the risk of damage. Moving an entire house is no joke and it is obvious that some of the items are fragile and prone to breakage. The general public has no knowledge to pack and ship/move glassware and ceramics every day – removalists are. One of the major signs that you need a removalist is when you are dealing with a lot of ‘risky’ items. Fan of bone china and pottery? Planning to move? Consider hiring professional help instead of doing it on your own. Also, removalists offer mitigation plans and solutions in case of damage to articles.

Seeking Temporary Storages 

What happens at times is that you might end up needing a temporary storage space while you are in the middle of a removal. You might be going off on vacation and when you come back you want to move into a new space, temporary spaces are a great way to deal with that. Removalists often provide these facilities at a cost. If you want under this category of people, it is safe to go forward with a packer and mover.

You Own Antiques And Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture and antiques are an industry on their own when it comes to removals. Many removalists even market themselves as exclusive antique movers. The same goes for heavy furniture. You see, both these items require some sort of industry knowledge and expertise. When it comes to heavy furniture, equipment such as sliders, dollies, and ramps, are required. Certain times may also call for more sophisticated machinery. It depends on the size and material. So it goes without saying that you need a professional outfit to help you in these cases. Antiques such as oak or an ebony grandfather’s clock may or may not fall under this category of heavy furniture but require the same sort of expertise to work with.

All About Packing And Unpacking

It is small things that add up to the size of a giant when considered later. Packing everything meticulously and then unpacking everything takes a toll more than the removal itself. Again, if you are dealing with a large number of items or fragile items, it is better to call in help. There is a certain way to pack certain items. Even the boxes are different for different kinds of items. For example, there are slider boxes for televisions and padded boxes for china and pottery. Removalists can help you, if not move, procure these packing supplies. Most removalists also provide their supplies or will at least point you in the right direction.

Confused About The Budget 

There are so many hidden expenses when you are moving that you’d be surprised when you’re finally settled in your new house. House removals are a challenging subject when it comes to figuring out the total cost beforehand. There are just too many things to consider. Removalists, on the other hand, will try to gauge your requirements and then – usually – send a free estimate along your way. You’ll get a fair idea of how many expenses you are looking at. This way, you’ll be able to plan ahead of the move. Professional movers can also help you break down the cost and save some bucks along the way.

Planning a Long-Distance Removal

Distance matters in logistics. Some might even argue that it is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. Long-distance house removals are expensive and require more expertise to transport everything in one piece. If you are moving far away from your old house, we highly recommend going for professional help. All of the 6 pointers that we covered earlier – of them are important to consider in a long-distance removal. The cost, fragility of items, packing, unpacking, heavy furniture, etc. are all amplified when a long-distance removal is involved.


Hiring professional help is more expensive than doing it on your own but the risk of damage decreases multifold. You also save time and end up with a cleaner and more stress-free experience. Getting removalists to work for you is the right way to go in most cases. 

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