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Are Ayurvedic Skincare Products Effective for Skin?

October 5, 2021
Ayurvedic skincare products

As a crucial part of self-care, you cannot possibly deny the importance of a good skincare regimen. It sets the outermost barrier in the best possible condition. It all eventually comes down to the choice of skincare products. 

Well, there is a whole lot to choose from, and different people might suggest other things. But essentially, it’s up to you to decide what your skin needs and how you can provide the best. 

The best skincare should be the safer option for many of us so that people can look up to one category and formulation. Ayurvedic skincare products are suitable for all due to so many reasons.

Ayurvedic Skincare has Powerful Origins

If you think that ayurvedic skincare is just something our ancestors used to do and that does not work anymore, stop for a moment because Ayurveda is so much more than this. Dating back to ancient India, ayurvedic products were designed with ancient wisdom regarding the action of many roots, extracts, seeds, and nectars.

The older ways involved the direct use of mixtures of natural ingredients during those times, and there was no such thing as the skincare industry like today. People used to go to hakims for such products for healing their skin, treating internal body diseases, and stress relief.

We in the 21st century still face such problems, even more, than our ancestors. It is due to lack of easy availability of clean nutrition, unhealthy and mostly sedentary lifestyle. Constant exposure to harmful radiations of our screens that contribute to mental restlessness, ozone depletion is making sun rays stronger than ever. That’s why proper self-care is more important now than it ever was. 

Ayurvedic skincare products are still as effective as they were before. They are excellent in healing the skin problems like acne, blemishes, oil-clogged pores, pimples, dark circles and, wrinkles. Which a considerable chunk of the population faces these days.

Ayurvedic Skincare Products are Suitable for Modern Skin Issues

We all might think that old ways cannot solve new problems, but it’s not true in every case. The methods of our ancestors regarding self-care are still effective on us with few modifications according to our lifestyle.

– Basic cosmetics like soaps or face washes are better to used most naturally. They are the agents for removing most of the dirt from our skin. But our way of living demands us not to have 100% natural things with us for a long time. So we need them in a form that does not lose its quality within few days. 

Therefore, the best face wash is the one with natural ingredients yet with a longer lifetime. Modern ayurvedic products still involve face washes loaded with high percentages of natural ingredients as the targeting agents and a small portion of preservatives. These are usually the ones with least harm than others in the market.

– Similarly, sun exposure is another biggest skincare concern we have these days. These rays show their effect within seconds and start blackening the skin, which takes days to recover. That’s why a good sunscreen is a must-have to keep the rest of the skincare efforts preserved. 

The best sunscreen for the face and body is organic as it does not fall under the controversial circle of harmful sunscreen products that save from sun but leave the skin with other problems such as breakouts, blackness, and irritation in some cases. 

Organic and ayurvedic sunscreen have natural and skin-friendly antioxidants to fight sun rays but not harm the skin. In addition, such products contain natural extracts other than antioxidants that keep the skin smooth and glowing.

Ayurvedic Products are more than Skincare

Good skin is a sign of good health and hygiene, but the self-care journey does not end here. To make sure that you are radiant inside and out, you need to take care of your mood too. 

That involves relieving stress and anxiety, fighting depression, and living in a good headspace. Ayurvedic products such as

– Body lotions are formulated without any harmful chemicals or strong fragrances. So using them affects your mind and not just your skin. 

– The body and hair oils designed and placed in the category of ayurvedic skincare products work as they are labeled. They are the best for calming the racing nerves and heavy head.

Final Thoughts

In this racing world, we all usually forget to sit back and relax. Ayurvedic products give this important reminder by lying on your shelf to remind you how you feel matters. And you need to take care of yourself before anything else. So Ayurveda is not just about having great skin. It’s about being excellent in every single way.

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