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Do’s and Don’ts in a Fire Restoration in Home

October 8, 2021
Fire Restoration

Fire restoration can be defined as the act of restoring and cleaning the damaged property. It also involves restoring your personal belongings that have been damaged due to fire or smoke. You need to get efficient restoration services by hiring a professional contractor. No doubt, the professionals provide you with high-quality services.

This guide is going to discuss some of the things that you should do and do not do in a fire restoration:


Here are some of the actions you should perform in the situation of a fire restoration:

Consider Safety

You should consider your safety while working on fire restoration. Safety must be your highest priority even if the fire-damaged place looks clear to you. You should not risk your life or health. So, do consider your safety and enter the property when the fire professionals tell you that the property is safe.

Photographic Evidence

You must keep photographic evidence of the fire-damaged property and items. Also, take the pictures either from your smartphone or a digital camera. You can hire a professional to get efficient fire restoration service in Farmington MI who could also provide you the service of keeping photographic evidence of the fire damage. You can show these pictures to your insurance company.

Call Insurance Agent

You should call the insurance agent when you face fire damage at your place. You can explain the cause of a fire that appears on your property. If you do not know the cause behind it, you can contact the agent who will tell you the cause behind this happening by checking the damage in detail.

You can show the photographic evidence of the fire or smoke damage to your insurance agent when he arrives at the damaged place. If the agent cannot reach the location timely, you can email him the photographs you took of the fire damage.

Call Local Restoration Company

You should call the restoration company. It helps to identify the affected materials. Such companies also provide you the service of cleaning of smoke and fire damage to affected items and areas. It also removes and cleans the built-up ash residue.

In short, the local restoration company cleans the smoke and fire-damaged items and areas. They also provide you with the service of repairing some of the necessary items. You can also get the service of painting the home, replacement of drywall, and installation of new carpeting from a restoration company.

Limit Movement

You should limit your movement at the place of fire damage. Try not to go near the affected area. Do not go near the affected area until the local restoration company arrives. If you keep moving in the building, it will result in soot particles from spreading.

Remove Clothing

You should remove the clothing items from the building where there is fire damage. Try to cover the upholstery and dry furnishings using the sheets. You can also open the doors and windows for ventilation if the weather allows. Do not forget to throw away the drinks and food present in the building after the fire.


Here are some of the actions that you should not perform when there is fire damage in a building:

Enter The Fireplace

Do not enter the fireplace until it is safe. If there is too much smoke in the building, you need to wear masks and gloves to enter the building. So, do not enter the building until you realize it is safe to go inside.


You should not clean the ceilings, walls, and other surfaces present in the building near the area or item. It is because nothing should be clean before the arrival of the insurer. Try not to touch anything until the insurer arrives.

Use of Smoke Affected Items

You should not use the smoke-affected items after the occurrence of fire damage. These items may include furniture, utensils, carpets, etc. So, you should not use these things until they are cleaned professionally using detergents or other cleaning items. In short, do not use anything until they are free of damaged particles.

Use of Food Items

You should not use the food items present in the building at the time of the fire. After fire restoration, you should not use these items as it is preferred to throw these items in the garbage. Moreover, you should also throw away canned goods.

Turning Household Items On

You should not turn on the household items present in the building until the building is safe and properly deodorized. The household items may include gas, electric home appliances, and water. You should not use them until they are professionally checked.


This guide has provided you with detailed information about the actions you should perform along with the ones you should not perform in fire restoration. Do not forget to hire your restoration company to resolve your issues. You can also call an electrician if the cause of the fire is the failure of electric equipment.

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