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9 Common Kitchen Storage Challenges and Tips

May 27, 2022
Kitchen Storage

Kitchen – a place where love is brewed, fragrant aromas blend in harmony, and where magic is created. It’s also the place that seemingly stocks the most mess! While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all kitchen storage solution, the best way to create an optimal kitchen experience is to customize your kitchen from scratch. But if that isn’t an option, then what is? Your kitchen doesn’t have to look cluttered or devoid of space just because you did not have a say while it was being designed. 

Multiple solutions are available on the market that can make your kitchen look better and maximize space utilization. We have listed some of them here, and if not all, we’re certain some of the points mentioned can help you pave the way to a smoother, more efficient kitchen storage and organization system. Let’s dive right in:

1. Small Items

Most kitchens are designed to store a lot of stuff, but you will scarcely see a kitchen and home storage solution focusing on small items. They can be difficult to discover if you don’t have an organized storage solution for them. Installing drawer dividers can help organize small kitchen items so that everything is easily discoverable and accessible. They are easy to install. There are multiple options available based on the design of your drawers, and you can even DIY your dividers if you want to get creative. 

2. Mixer Items

Drying and storing mixer items is always one thing housemakers dread. You can always put them in a drawer, but you will often see that they may get damaged or, worse, the drawer gets stuck while pulling something out. Hanging them on a wall with hooks is the best solution. You can also double up the mixer bowl for storage to save money.

3. Spice Storage

A staple to every kitchen is spices, and you would often find unique storage solutions in each household. One common thing is storing them in small jars and fitting them in drawers, and cupboards or simply putting them on the shelf. In all these solutions, you will always end up cleaning the surfaces more often than you would like because of the powdery texture. One solution that works well is getting a tiered spice bottle rack that provides minimum cleaning and the highest ease of access.

4. Difficult To Reach Corners

You will often end up with kitchens that have an L-shape or, in the worst case, a U-shape. We often discard perfectly usable space just because we don’t know how to use such a space. Many corner storage units can easily make the space usable, and at the same time, the right product choice can make your kitchen look better. Some popular options are corner cabinets, corner drawers, and corner racks. 

5. Dish Drying

Homes that do not have a dishwasher due to space constraints, design issues, or simply affordability often use dish drying racks that they generally place next to the sink for easy operation. While this is a common solution used in most households, it eats up important counter space. You can use the space for other items, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. One such solution is installing the drying rack vertically on a wall next to the kitchen sink; simple but crafty.

6. Pots And Pans 

There’s rarely a home storage solution or design for storing pots and pans. We mostly chuck them in the deepest drawers, on top of one another, and when it’s time to use one, it always creates so much unnecessary clattering noise. Consider a hanging pot rack; it will make your life easier and save you from noise-induced headaches while providing easy access to your pots.

7. Bin storage

Without proper kitchen waste management, the kitchen can be smelly and disorganized. While we can’t live without creating wastage, we can always find a storage solution or in this case, under-the-sink solutions. You can always use the space under the sink, hiding the messy and undesired waste. One of the popular options is using an under-the-sink slide-out trash can. 

8. Outdated Storage Solutions

Storage solutions, mainly in old households or poorly designed houses, are outdated and generally don’t factor in ease of use. For someone struggling with kitchen storage solutions, because of bad planning, there’s always the option of buying storage units. They are trendy, come in all possible sizes, and can make your kitchen look better. They work like a charm and can be easily installed in any kitchen, old or modern. 

9. Ugly Storage 

There’s no easy way to say it – some kitchens are just plain old ugly, and some homemakers don’t do a great job at hiding it. But fret not! There are multiple ways to brighten up a dull kitchen and, at the same time, conceal the undesired portions of it. You might think it’s impossible, but no! All you need to do is think out of the box. One ingenious way is to use small, cramped spaces. You will always have 3-4 inches worth of space between cabinets, appliances, and walls. Putting a pull-out storage trolley will conceal small items from plain sight and make them easily accessible. The best part, if you have the space, you can add multiple such trolleys.

So, which hacks will you be trying out to get that picture-perfect kitchen you’ve always been dreaming of? Try them out today, and say hello to a neater, tidier, and better-looking kitchen than ever!

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