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7 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Bond Cleaning

May 13, 2022
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It is very easy to unintentionally skip certain crucial aspects when cleaning your house to get your bond money back. It is a legal requirement and this is also one of the facts that we tend to overlook. As a tenant, you cannot take a chance to forget this at all. There will be certain parameters set by the owner that the tenant will have to satisfy if they want to get their deposit back. The following section discusses a few aspects that as a tenant, you are highly likely to forget or get wrong when you are trying to get bond cleaning right.

1. Forgetting About Your Fans And Filters

Your fans, filters, exhaust fans, air conditioners, and air coolers, are often neglected when you are moving out of your old home to a new house. These pieces of equipment are very likely to attract a lot of grease and oil. If they are located inside your kitchen, they are going to be particularly dirty. It is very important to invest in a few cleaning supplies including ammonia, baking soda, and a few bleaching agents as well. These can help you clean them up nicely before you leave your old house for good.

2. Overlooking Your Dishwashers And Ovens

Your dishwashers, the washing machine fixed under the kitchen counter, the oven and grill combination mounted inside the wall, and any other appliance that came with the apartment will always need your attention until the last moment. You cannot leave them behind with any food residue or any kind of splatter or stains. It is important to employ enough amount of detergent and paper towels to clean them up well. This is something that you can never get wrong if you want your bond money back.

3. Neglecting Pet-Related Problems

Pet-related problems are common among a lot of households. It should be an important part of your bond cleaning process. There will be certain areas on your carpets and even in your backyard that you will have to pay a little more attention to. Get rid of all the pet hair, dander, and fur that has gotten into the furniture pieces or any of the vents and pipes meant for ventilation. You should take care extra about these problems if you have kept a pet for as long as you have been in this house.

4. Handling Mould Issues Yourself

Another very crucial part of bond back cleaning is handling mould and mildew issues. You cannot do all of this on your own. You will have to call in the experts if you feel that there is a certain amount of water damage or seepage whether it is in your ceiling or walls. Whether it was due to excess moisture because of the vegetation on the roof or weather damage, you should call in the experts to have a closer look at this problem so that it doesn’t spread to other parts of the house.

5. Relying Too Much On DIY Projects

This is also true for a lot of homeowners and they get the whole cleaning regime wrong by paying too much attention to DIY videos. While it is a great idea to do a lot of cleaning on your own, there will be many areas that are way beyond your control. You can not repair certain parts of your house or even clean the stubborn grime between the tile grouts. Getting the grease and muck off the surface of your kitchen cabinets might not be as easy as you think. Therefore, if you do not have any advanced techniques up your sleeve, make sure to employ the services of an expert bond cleaning company without any delay.

6. Lack Of Management

Whether you choose the services of a professional or you want to make it on your own, management of all these tasks is very important. You also have to take out the time to take care of your children and look after your pet as well. A great bond back cleaning process requires you to plan and execute it like a pro.

7. Skipping External Cleaning

A lot of homeowners think that external cleaning is not important. This is wrong. If you have any storehouse or parking area or a garden area that you have been using for as long as you have been living in this place. It is vital to clean them up well before you leave. The owner is going to inspect all the areas of the property. And if you want your bond money back, you should make sure he doesn’t find even a single problem with his house.

Final Thoughts

So there you go. These were 7 things that almost everyone gets wrong when they are about to perform a bond cleaning in their house. It’s a good thing you have this list to refer to when you are about to forget anything crucial.

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