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Moving Guide: How To Pack Your Living Room Items

June 1, 2022
Living Room Items

Packing in general needs good organizational skills as well as a calm mind. Many things can help you pack your living room items more efficiently. Therefore, we have bundled together with a list of tips on how to pack such items well. 

Getting The Right Supplies

The global packing supplies material industry is a whopping $900 billion. The variety and range of use cases for packing materials are huge. Packers and movers form only a small portion of this industry. It is vital to get the appropriate supplies when packing your items. The typical contents of a living room may include things like a sitting couch, table lamps, coffee tables, curtains, and carpets/rugs. 

For each of these items, there are different types of boxes and packing supplies that you should use. For couches, it is better to cover them with furniture blankets and add foam corners. The same goes for coffee tables. Carpets can be rolled up and packed in plastic sheets. Small cabinets should also be wrapped in bubble wraps. It is also better to get a good quantity of boxes and cartons of different sizes and quality.

Packing Fragile Items

To pack fragile items, get a supply of bubble wraps and packing sheets. For long-distance removals, this becomes even more important. Other things to keep in mind are:

  • Use tight and compact small-sized boxes for heavy fragile items.
  • Avoid loosely manufactured and flimsy boxes.
  • Make sure that the bottom of the box is properly taped.
  • Layer the walls of the box with newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Go heavy to light if you have to pack multiple items in one box.
  • Hollow items like glasses and crockery should be stuffed with newspaper.
  • Separate glasses with cardboard dividers.

Get Professional Help

 If things get overwhelming or you think that an expert can help you achieve the packing better, you can call in for a moving company to help you out. Finding removals companies in cities such as Edinburgh or Glasgow is pretty simple. A quick Google search will land you in the right outfit. Ensure that:

  • The removals company is experienced and offers a wide range of services that includes packing and unpacking.
  • They offer honest and transparent estimates.
  • Their online reviews are good.
  • They have a solid infrastructure.
  • They have good customer support.

Getting the right professional help in the most populous city in Scotland, for example, is a walk in the park. Removals companies in cities like Glasgow are also better in quality of service than smaller cities.

Discard Things That You Don’t Need

This will help you deal with less stuff when you’re packing. You can recycle or give away unnecessary items days before you have to move. It will clean up the space at your house and ease the packing burden on you. You can also organize a garage sale of sorts or sell the items online on eBay. Some petty cash along the way wouldn’t hurt at all – especially during moving, a damning time on your savings!

If you still have boxes and plastic bags from your previous move, you can reuse them this time around as well. It will save you both time and money.

Organize Your Packing

Finally, it is crucial to stay organized while packing your living room belongings. The diversity in size and number demands that you have a proper plan in your mind. Things can get pretty messy and cluttered if you don’t follow, at least, a rough roadmap. Make sure that you label your boxes and bags after packing them. This way, the unpacking becomes easier and the packers and movers know how to handle the containers themselves. It becomes much easier when you load everything in the moving van as well. You get an idea of what to unpack first and what to delay till the final moment.

You must keep a level head and stay stress-free. If things get overwhelming – because the living room isn’t the only place that needs packing – take a break and rewind. Moving can be stressful but if the smaller things like packing, organizing, loading, etc. are done properly, the entire process becomes much smoother. 

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