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10 Tips To Protect Your Floor During The Move

April 8, 2022
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Moving to a new house is considered a very special and memorable moment. However, the moving process comes with its own set of obstacles and challenges. No matter whether you are moving for the first time or the tenth time, the concerns are always the same about the protection of the item and your precious hardwood floor.

The last thing you want to worry about as you’re bringing in bulky furniture and electrical appliances is damaging your new floor. Numerous things can cause damage to the floor like scooted or dropped heavy items. Eventually, that will be a nightmare to think of a huge gouge in your beautiful, new, and shiny hardwood floors. The furniture removals commit to protecting your floors from getting ruined. Here is the range of protection tips you can take, from the simplest to the most complex. To keep your floors protected and looking beautiful during a move.

1. Do Measure the Items

Did this ever happen to you when you were handling a heavy piece of furniture and left a mark on gorgeous hardwood floors? Perhaps this incident occurred to everyone. Because you did not realize the proper dimensions of a heavy table for a doorway or particular room. So, you accidentally scraped it against the floor while trying to handle misjudgments of the furniture item.

It is advisory by professional removalists to measure each heavy item that is entering and moving out of your house. Thus, you can have a proper judgment of those items and you can plan how to lift them—picking up bulky things and turning them around safely without using the floor for pivoting and further protecting them. 

2. Get Expert Furniture Removals

Eventually, we know how much floor protection means to you. To make it spotless during the move, the best you can do is to hire a professional house moving crew. They know very well how to keep the floor safe and manage the heavy items without causing any harm to the floor. With the expertise in moving such bulky pieces of belongings on a regular basis. You can relax on the part that your floors are safe along with the furniture.

3. Prefer to Lay Down Floor Covering

If you observe some work of professional removalists, you can see them using heavy tarps, mats, and other floor protective coverings. Superior quality floor covering is customized to absorb shocks and keep floors from accumulating dirt. These floor coverings are usually reusable also, so your investment in these will not go to waste.

4. Clean the Floor First

It is quite common to notice some debris and dirt when loading and unloading furniture items. It is better to clean the surface so that dirt and debris do not accumulate under coverings or ground into tile or carpet.

5. Carry Items Instead of Dragging When Possible

One of the best ways to make sure that your floors are protected during a move is to carry as many of your belongings as possible, rather than sliding them across the floor. It can become tempting at the end of the day to slide or drag heavy belongings along your floor. 

However, it is prominent to neglect to do this since it may result in scratches, damage, and dents on your floor. If you are unable to lift the items, then you can get some assistance while using a dolly with rubber wheels or furniture sliders. 

6. Remove Carpets and Rugs

If your house has too many carpets and rugs in most rooms. It is better to roll them up with the upper side facing inward and place them in a safe place. Removing them makes sure that they will not become any kind of tripping obstacle. It also protects them from gathering any dirt and damage. If you are not in the state of removing your carpets and rugs then it is better that you use carpet protection film, so that it should not accumulate dirt on it.

7. Furniture Sliders are Bliss

While moving the furniture, it is mandatory to choose the right equipment for lifting heavy items. Using furniture sliders will not only protect you from straining your back but also reduce the opportunity for bumps immensely on the floors. Make sure that the wheels are clean and smooth enough to roll, and you can easily take your furniture out without causing any damage. 

8. Use Substitute Equipment

If you are not in the state to get any furniture sliders, then cardboard can be a great alternate for that. You can make the padding on the bottom of the cardboard with an old sheet or blanket for making a smooth slide and less potential for damaging your floor.

9. Do Check the Slippery Floors

Some areas of the house do have slippery floors, it is better to take care of them before moving. The most common area is the front part of the house, in which furniture removals can trip easily because of wet floors, stray leaves, grass or mud, etc. 

You can line the entrance of the house while keeping some mats to help keep the slippery things away from the wood floors. This small step can lead to protection from accidents and prevent the floors from getting ruined. 

10. Pack the Items While Keeping Safety in Mind

You must be running for thoughts on how the house moving process can assist in avoiding expensive damage to the floors. The simple thought of keeping it safe is that while packing all the items, take precautions. You can follow these tips:

  • Wrap and pack the edges and feet of tables and chairs with furniture blankets. This protective measure will protect wooden floors in case any furniture item is dropped on them.
  • Do not exceed the limit of packing beyond the reasonable weight. 
  • Use high-quality packing materials that can hold the weight of the items easily. If not done, it can cause double damage such as to the item and the floor as well. 
  • Secure the boxes with double tape to provide extra protection to the content of the boxes.

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