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7 Mistakes to Avoid While Renovating Your Bathroom

April 14, 2022

Nothing beats the excitement of renovating your bathroom when revamping your home’s interior design. With limitless bathroom suites design options and high-functioning bathroom furniture, people often have no idea about the process. Considering the countless things you have to work your way through, especially in terms of design, you may end up neglecting the key points and practicalities in your bathroom.

From overspending your budget for the remodeling process to leaving fundamental points unattended, there’s a lot that could go wrong while planning and rebuilding a bathroom. Not to mention, if it’s your first-ever interior design project, mistakes are inevitable.

Nevertheless, you can bypass the irregularities when you know what could go wrong or the things you need to attend to in advance. Thankfully, we have accumulated some major mistakes people commit while renovating their bathrooms.

1. Inconsistent Design Language

The appearance of your bathroom suite matters more than you think. It is the cohesive interior design that gives you a welcoming feeling that moment you enter the room. From the walls and floor to the bathroom furniture and shower enclosure, everything needs to present a coherent looking making your bathroom appear as one single unit. However, most people end up overdoing the interior décor of the bathroom, making things look out of place. If you are not as well-versed in the creative side of things, you prefer using a professional’s help.

2. Improper Ventilation

In an effort to make your bathroom look absolutely gorgeous, most people willingly or unwillingly compromise on the practical side of things. Poor ventilation is a common phenomenon in most houses. No matter how forward-looking or eye-catching a suite with vanity units appears at first, the fact that you will have a hard time breathing while having a shower in a shower enclosure in winter is awful. While designing your bathroom’s layout, don’t forget to integrate an effective ventilation system.

3. Ineffective Drainage

Ineffective drainage facility is a common issue in most suites, especially when they go through a complete renovation. While it does not present an issue if your install new fixtures on the same drainage structure, it can be troublesome if you transform the layout of the room altogether.

Although its exhibits are better interior design, the project can turn out to be complicated with an exploding budget. But if you have the means and resources to get a full bathroom to revamp, make sure you hire a professional contractor who has experience in the niche.

4. Poor Layout Design

Not every household has the luxury of big spacious bathrooms. Most of the time, homeowners need to work around congested spaces and the best to do that is by planning an effective layout strategy. People normally try to install all fixtures in the congested space hoping everything falls perfectly into place. The idea should be to make the best use of available space without letting the interior be too cramped up.

5. Erratic Lighting

One thing that highlights your bathroom’s interior is appropriate bathroom lighting. It needs to present a calming environment which can’t be possible unless you utilize lighting in the best way. It is mandatory that you install lighting fixtures at appropriate places where they are needed the most. However, there is a fine line between appropriate and excessive lighting. Therefore, make sure you respect the difference to create a cozy experience.

6. Avoiding Bathroom Suites

When it comes to a bathroom makeover with a replacement of two or more fixtures, bathroom suites can be a great option. You can be a lot of problems if you try to make your own set by finding similar-looking bathroom fittings and fixtures. Therefore, avoiding it deliberately to create your own design is not recommended unless you have expertise in it. Therefore, whether you need bathroom furniture, shower enclosure, or any other fixture, relying on a relevant bathroom set is highly recommended. 

7. Preferring Style Over Functionality 

Another common mistake for a bathroom makeover is preferring the style over functionality. It is especially an issue when you try to choose bathroom furniture and shower enclosure. For example, a quadrant shower enclosure is a round-shaped cubicle that is preferred for corners and small bathroom fittings. But when you try to install a hinge shower door with it, the purpose of saving space can not be served. It is the same for the bathroom furniture. Where when using a standard fixture due to its looks, it may not be a practical option. Therefore, there should be a delicate balance between functionality and style. 

Final Thoughts

A bathroom makeover is a challenging project that requires careful planning. If it is the first time you are going through the process, then there is a high chance you will make one of the above-discussed mistakes. The information provided above will help you to avoid all such problems. 

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