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5 Footwear According To Occasions

April 7, 2022
men footwear

For men, a great pair of shoes is like an accessory as awesome as bacon is to ice cream. Your new favorite shoes are probably two or three times better than bacon. Seeing as they’re found at the end of every leg, it’s pretty easy to see why. When joining up with buddies for drinks after a long week, attending a wedding heading off to kick some in the gym (or even in the sheets), nothing quite finishes off your outfit like the perfect pair of kicks does. Grabbing yourself a high-quality and classy addition becomes addicting; spending time shoe shopping regularly will feel like something out of an epic adventure!

We highly recommend building a sturdy collection of makes and models that fit your needs. You’ll be able to coordinate formal wear shoes or casual dress shoes with any suit, polo shirt, or tee.


Kolhapuris are a traditional sandal style that is worn in India. The traditional style of kolhapuris can be seen in ancient temples and relics. These sandals have been worn by royalty, peasants, and even soldiers. The traditional kolhapuri has a lot of symbolic meaning and are flat surfaces made of wood, leather, and even coconut shells. The present-day sandals are of leather with an upper side of the leather compartment and a sole of rubber. The sole is designed in such a way that it can withstand uneven surfaces.

Kolhapuris are a great option for men looking for a versatile shoe that can go with formal wear, with new trendy and stylish shirts for men online, or something more casual. Whether you’re going to a wedding or out to eat with friends, kolhapuris are one of the best possible options.


It doesn’t matter if this is your first or your 100th date, there should always be something special about it. It might not always be extravagant, but it should resonate with the love you and your date share with looking attractive with the outfit and Chelsea boots that both look great and will keep them in their comfort zone? Even if it doesn’t fit the theme of your date night, at least you can both have fun trying out what styles look good together!.


Athletic looks are always on-trend, and these white low tops will add freshness to your look. These easy-to-style kicks are perfect essentials to keep you looking contemporary while walking with comfort all day long and are perfect for when you need to step out in style.

Shoes that can entertain both formal and informal settings, these shoes add flair to a simple pair of black jeans for running errands or meeting friends. Touch up your new look with the classic white sneaker essential of the season, to complement your wardrobe from dusk until dawn.


Slide sandals from Vionic are perfect for any homely occasion and nearly anywhere that you might go during the summer season. Whatever your style preference, Vionic has a pair of men’s slides to suit! Whether you prefer sandals with leather straps or sporty neoprene uppers makes no difference: either option is sure to provide comfortable support after hours of walking (and running) even on the most uneven surfaces wherein regular shoes may offer limited protection against foot sores and calluses in unprotected areas such as where one’s toes rub against the toe bed. With adjustable velcro straps, they’re an excellent men’s slip-on choice for cool weather wear too.


Leather boots for a cocktail party. If you’re planning a fancier event, consider purchasing an elegant leather lace-up boot to class up your look a bit. In addition, make sure that your shoes stay secure as you walk around on the dance floor. Buy a pair with a special sole so they won’t slip off while you’re shaking your groove thing!

Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans, or suit trousers. And they become a simple but elegant way to accessorize an outfit from day tonight. Boots can be easily paired with almost any outfit for any occasion and will quickly become a must-have for anyone who values practical style!

Conclusion: Shoes are the best and most accessories in men’s fashion. They are that one thing that may complete your entire look if you are wearing a pair of dresses or casual shoes. Not only that, they can make a man look taller and more handsome. You should always look for a pair of shoes that is comfortable and matches your outfit. This is very important especially if you are going to wear them in your office.

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