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A Quick Look At TOP 6 Favourite American Foods

September 7, 2020

‘Good food, Good life’ may be the tagline is used by one of the popular brands, but this can be the main motto of a foodaholic person. When it comes to American foods our mind jumps to cheese, chocolate; we used to eat when we grew up. We all love food, regardless of age and if that is a favorite meal then there is no point talking about it, and the favorite food must be some spicy or sweetened otherwise nobody likes boiled food I think.

If I’ll take a fish and just after boiled this I’ll serve this on a beautiful plate with some green veggies and a little bit of salt as toppings, will you eat this? Or if you’ll eat this fish will you become satisfied with this meal? No..right?so there should be having some spices in your food, then you are going to grab it.

America is obviously a food-loving country, and lots of choices are having on their food list. but now we’ll discuss Favourite American Foods.

1. Cronut

You are walking through the road and you are a little hungry, just take a cronut and grab it.

Cronut is usually a fusion of croissant and Doughnut and that’s it. It is invented by Dominique Ansel, a pastry chef from New York City. Cronut is made from croissant-like dough, which is filled with flavored cream, and then it is fried in grapeseed oil. It tastes so yummy.. that you will grab Cronut one by one.

2. Sausage

Are you a lazy person to wake up in the morning or whatever, you can love to wake up by smelling the cooking of sausage?

A Sausage is mainly meat made by ground meat, often pork, beef, etc. Usually cylindrical in shape and encased by thin skin. Traditionally the skin was made by the intestine, but mostly synthetic type material is used.

You can cook Sausage in many ways, including barbecuing,pan-frying with a pinch of spices.

3. Chocolate Chips Cookie

Are you saying cookie? say it again Cookies! Yes, chocolate chip cookies are another favorite American food.

If you are also a cookie lover then thanks to Ruth Wakefield belonged from Massachusetts, who first put some chocolate chips in his butter cookies, and then he has invented this mouthwatering delicious food Chocolate chips cookie.

4. Mac And Cheese

It’s healthy, it’s full of flavor, it’s cheesy.. yes it Is Macaroni and cheese. Another perfect flavourful comfort food in America.

This version of the food has got popularity when it has introduced by a man from the United State name Thomas Jefferson. If you are making Macroni and cheese then mix the different cheese perfectly to get the tastiest version of Mac and Cheese in your hand. And if you have not tested it yet, so go grab a full plate of Mac and Cheese.

5. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are favorite to everyone. It’s basically a sandwich, with cooked sausage in between bread, and when it is served to fill the void space onion, chilies, mayonnaise, mustard, tomato ketchup, and grated cheese are used.

It is very common and easy to get food in America. The mouthwatering taste of a hot dog will make you crazy to eat it.

Hot dogs are very much associated with Baseball and American culture. Many stands sell hot dogs.

6. Burger

If you haven’t tasted Burger yet, just go and taste it, truly saying it can melt your heart by its wonderful taste.

Burger usually consisting of a bun and beef patty. Patty is the cooked ground meat normally round in shape just to become fit into the bun. Burger also consists of caramelized onion, chilies, mastered, lettuce, mayonnaise, etc, and many more. You can customize the inside part of a burger by placing an order at your restaurant.

It is a common dish in every restaurant in America. And it can fill your stomach and heart too with its awesome taste.

Every country in the world is associated with their culture and their cultural food, which are very popular in the country, as that the foods are mentioned in this list are very popular and they are the most favorite food in America.

Drop your Favourite American foods in comment section.

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