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8 Modular Kitchen Design Tips For First-Timers

September 8, 2020
Modular Kitchen design

Layouts, cabinets, pull-outs, countertops, etc. pop in one’s mind when you think about a modular kitchen. There are going to be some catchy terms that derive the various aspects of a modular kitchen. Several intricacies are involved in setting a modular kitchen. This is the job of an interior designer to decide on the perfect location and setup of a modular kitchen. So, when you are seeking a modular setup, the most important thing to keep in mind is making a layout of a modular kitchen.

1. Identify Your Kitchen Work Triangle

Firstly, a modular kitchen constitutes several aspects. This may include a refrigerator, sink, and hob. A large part of choosing a kitchen layout is deciding on how to make things work efficiently. The first step here is forming the overall layout of the kitchen. According to the very layout of the kitchen, its design is carried out.

2. Ideal Counter Top Height

The standard counter height for a kitchen depends on several factors. The most determining factor here is the average height of a country. This is done to ensure that working in the kitchen comes out to be easy and comfortable. However, the height is between 820 mm to 860 mm. One must also make sure that the space between the kitchen cabinets and the countertop. To make sure that even small people can work with no difficulty.

3. Choose Colours Wisely

It is very important to choose the right colour for your kitchen. Since we are talking about set up a kitchen, the choice of colour must be on the darker side. Cooking involves a lot of frying. You will not want your kitchen walls to be tainted with oil marks. So avoid an all-white kitchen. Bright hues are easier to maintain. One can choose between these colours. But do not just paint your walls in a dark shade solely. Go for an amalgamation of shades. Combine lighter ones with darker ones.

4. Ventilation is Key

Cooking generates a lot of heat. So, make sure your kitchen has proper ventilation. One can use an exhaust or a chimney to get rid of oil droplets and excessive heat out from the kitchen. One must always make sure that a kitchen opens into an open space. This will ensure that this space of the house remains airy. But one does not have the liberty to make this specific change. In that case, ensure that your kitchen is properly ventilated with windows and other electronic equipment.

5. Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is the key to a good vibrant kitchen. Mostly a kitchen is made where there is proper access to natural sunlight. But at night time this turns out to be difficult. So, make sure you get overhead lighting. A properly lit house makes a kitchen look lovely. Nowadays kitchens have cabinet lightings too. So, one must ensure that the lighting is proper.

6. Safety First

One must ensure that the kitchen is safe. An unsafe kitchen can be home to hazardous accidents. One must ensure that a kitchen sports safe gas piping, curved countertops edges, and fire alarms. Make sure that even the flooring is slip-resistant. Then one also keeps in mind that the switchboard is not near the basin in a kitchen.

7. Don’t Ignore Corner Spaces

In addition, corner spaces can prove to be really useful storage areas. Make sure that the corners of your kitchen space are well designed. Talk to the designer and create storage in these areas.

8. Trash it Right

A lot of trash is generated in the kitchen. So, organizing this very trash is important. Proper trash disposal is the key. Many people keep trash cans in the open while having built-in cabinets for the same. It all depends on your preference. These are constructed usually under the sink. Always make sure that you separate dry waste and wet waste.

Above all are little changes that will make the kitchen look and feel functional. The proper organization of a kitchen makes a house look lively. So, plan and sort the best modular designs for your kitchen before you cook.

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