5 Things To Know Before Traveling To Spain

June 8, 2021

Travel can be defined as the movement of people from distant geographical locations. Traveling can be for any specific reasons, maybe for business or visiting a family or maybe for a vacation. So, it is known to everyone that traveling is very fun and a happy thing. However, if it is to someplace that you have never been before, then you need to prepare yourself and research for your journey and plan it accordingly. This is where things get tricky and make you confused, asking a lot of questions. And, today I am here to give you some amazing tips and points if you are planning for a trip to European nations particularly in ‘Spain’. 

Spain occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula, from the Pyrenees Mountains, right straight to the Strait of Gibraltar in the south, which separates Spain from Africa. The Mediterranean Sea in the east, including Spain’s Balearic Islands. Spain is also said to rule two cities in North Africa and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic. Spain has a rich cultural heritage, too. This makes it an interesting country to visit, at least once in a lifetime.

The following are 5 important things to check while traveling to Spain. 

1. Learn a Few Spanish Words 

Unlike some countries, people in Spain do not speak English and most of the population can only communicate in Spanish. Before your travel plan to Spain, learning Spanish can make your travel a lot easier, even if it means mastering only a few sentences such, greetings, asking for rate, or directions, or time, etc. In the big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, especially those living in major cities do speak English. For instance, you can practice how to say hi, and how to ask for directions in Spanish or asking for rate or price, etc. You find learning some basic words and phrases that will help you be on firm ground with locals. It will be a disaster to get stuck in a foreign country, without knowing how to communicate. Like, if you want to ask for directions to your hotels, but you don’t know how to? Or not knowing how to ask the price and fees! So, knowing the language of the place that you are visiting is much better than going blindly. You can easily learn the Spanish Language Online.

2. In Spain, They Eat Late!

Usually, in most countries, lunch is around 12 noon, and 1 P.M, but this is not the case in Spain. Spanish people eat late, and you might not find a place open for breakfast before 2 P.M. It is important to be aware of this and plan your day around it, and work it into your trip planner. Even in the evenings, Spaniards tend to take dinner later at night, mostly after 9 P.M. If you visit a Spanish home in the course of your travels and dinner comes a bit late in the evening, don’t be surprised; it’s part of Spanish culture! Enjoy while you can.

3. Drink Orders Come With a Free Snack 

In Spain, all drink orders come with a free snack! Like a bit of cheese, fries, chips, or even fruit. This is indeed an interesting culture, right? Cultural shock!

When you receive this, don’t panic; hey! You won’t be charged. Just enjoy it along with your drinks. It is a part of Spanish culture known as “Tapas”. Being said, not all the restaurants in Spain do not follow this culture, But don’t be surprised if you encounter one! 

4. Ride-sharing is much cheaper than taking the train 

There is a train system called “Renfe” in Spain that connects most of the cities and towns. Buying tickets can get expensive, especially if you purchase them on the day of your trip. From Madrid to Barcelona, the fare can be as high as 100 euros each way. You may book a flight ticket with that amount! Instead of buying a costly train ticket, what you can do is share a ride with other commuters in “Bla Bla car”. If you ignore the ridiculous name, you can expect to save as much as 90% off the price of taking the train. You can check their website and find a driver for your destination if they have room to spare in the car and carpool together to your desired destination. This is also a great way to meet new people and share your journey too, as well as your Spanish. You can try Asla-bus too while traveling to Spain as it is cheaper like Bla-Bla.

5. Pack for a Varied Climate and Terrain 

You are planning to travel to different regions of Spain, right? Then keep in mind that the landscape and climate can change dramatically from one place to another. For example, while Catalonia and Aragon are rolling, arid, and quite dry, in Basque Country, you will find mild temperatures but significant rainfall in general even during the drier months, and in southern cities like Seville have a dry Mediterranean climate which can get quite hot during the day. Spain also has beaches, tropical islands, and a mountain range. If you’ll be in more than one climate zone, why not pack more than one to make sure you enjoy a pleasant journey. 


So, here are some important things you can keep in mind if you plan for a trip or vacation in Spain soon. I hope that this article helps you make your trip very amazing and filled with joy and happiness.

  1. Travel is still a distant dream for me… I do miss exploring the world! I’ve never been to Spain and hope I’m lucky enough to visit someday.

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