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Finding the Perfect Perfume to Make Your Day

June 9, 2021

Do you ever wonder what the best perfume to make your day is? It’s not as hard as you might think to find the perfect perfume for your special someone. The key is to find one that she will love and wear all day long. The scent may be the most important thing in the selection.

First, decide on whether the woman you are shopping for would enjoy perfume or Cologne. It depends on what scent you are trying to create. If it is just for yourself or someone you want to give a gift to, then you do not need to be concerned with the effect of the scent. Women can wear virtually any scent they desire and still look fabulous.

If you are choosing the right perfume for her, then take into consideration what activities she does throughout the day. Is she active during the day or sedated? If so, then perhaps a light floral fragrance will work best for her. If she is calmer, then a nice, light citrus fragrance would be a better choice. No matter what her activity level is, choose a perfume that matches her personality. Whether she is a tomboy with a passion for tennis or a lady with a top-secret mission in the making, there is a perfume for her.

Take a moment to think about the occasion. Are you going to a ball or a fancy dinner with some special guests? Are you celebrating a holiday or national event? Each unique occasion requires a different scent. What will she appreciate about the occasion, if you choose something different for her daytime wear?

In addition to what kind of activities she will be involved in, consider her moods and habits throughout the day. Is she always on the go? If so, a daytime perfume may be best for her. The scent should be easy to wear and maintain throughout the day. On the other hand, maybe she is the type who takes a little bit of time to unwind. You can give her a special perfume that has a hint of evening-time romanticism, so she chooses to wear it for her evening time activities.

What is her personality? Perhaps she is the proverbial curmudgeon. If she loves to talk to people and is often known for her straight-faced humor, a daytime perfume with jasmine or Mandarin scent would be her choice. This will be a scent that she can wear all day long. She can even choose to use it for one special occasion, such as her anniversary, and have all the enjoyment and pampering she wants from that perfume while still wearing it at night.

What is her body type? Each person is made differently. Some have more delicate or fragrant aromas, some have stronger scents, some have stronger fragrances, etc. A good way to choose the best scent choice for her is to determine what body type she has. For daytime activities, a light and airy scent would be a great choice, whereas if she wants to relax in the evening, a stronger scent would be a better choice.

Now that you know what type of woman you are shopping for, you can narrow down the choices a lot. Once you have determined the type of woman you are shopping for, you can narrow down your fragrance choices by focusing on what activities you plan to do during the day. Once you have selected the perfect perfume to make your day easy and stress-free, don’t forget to take a little bit of the scent with you to help make it easier for yourself on those stressful days. Enjoy!

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