How To Travel to Turkey On a Budget

September 13, 2021

Turkey is an amazing tourist destination that has something for everyone. In terms of attractions, it has historical archaeological sites, amazing landscapes, traditional and modern cities, beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, and much more. What’s more, it’s quite affordable. We will guide you on how to travel to Turkey on a budget and how much you need to spend on a Turkey Visa, flight tickets, accommodation, food, and transportation.

Visa Cost

The cost for a Turkey Visa will depend on the nationality of the applicant. It will further vary on the type of visas such as Single Entry, Double Entry, and Multiple Entry. If you’re applying for a Turkey Visa Sticker for tourism, transit, business, study, medical, journalist, or a friend/family visit, these are what you’ve to pay for:

Single Entry visa – $65 for all nationals

Double Entry – $130 for all nationals

Multiple Entry – $214 for all nationals 

For any of the above visas, UAE nationals will have to pay just above the double.  

Indian travelers who are eligible for visas on arrival will have to pay around 3500 INR and those who’re not, around 9000 INR.

How to Save Money on Flights to/from Turkey

The major cost involved in travel is flight tickets. Those who live in Europe and the Middle East can save a lot on flight tickets due to the various budget airlines that operate to and from Turkey. Residents of other countries can use Skyscanner to save money on flights. This website offers tons of information on cheap flights. If you’re flexible with dates, you can easily find a great deal and save money on flights. If your travel date is one month ahead, you can easily save some money. Along with the date, you should also be flexible in choosing an airport. If you don’t mind landing at the airport of Istanbul or Ankara, it will be cheaper for you as compared to Cappadocia. 

Another useful website is Google Flights where being flexible with dates and airport can fetch you a great deal. Whether you’re opting for a direct flight or a layover, traveling from any European country would be cheaper for you.

Accommodation in Turkey

There are various ways to save on accommodations in Turkey. If you’re a solo traveler, then there is no limit. As a budget traveler, you shouldn’t mind any of these options:

  • Couch Surfing

It’s a good option to save money that also offers an additional benefit of knowing the lifestyle of the people. With this option, you’ll stay at a local’s house for free, use their couch, and also learn about the tradition and culture of Turkey. Though your stay will not be as comfortable as a hotel, it will still be a good learning experience for you. You will get to know-how about the food and daily lifestyle of a Turkish. 

  • Housesitting

This is as same as babysitting where you’ll be taking care of somebody’s house along with pets, if any, in their absence for free instead of a baby. It’s a good idea to cut short on your travel expenses while enjoying a homelike comfort and living like a local. 

Another way to cut down the cost of accommodation and food is to opt for working holidays in Turkey. This is most suitable for those who are planning a long-term stay in Turkey. However, it requires working on a farm of the host and in return, you will get free accommodation and food. While this may not sound like an exciting offer, the perks of living and eating for free can be attractive to some.

  • Hostel

In case you prefer a clean, safe, and somewhat affordable place for your stay, then hostels are the best option. Turkey being a tourist destination, you can find hostels in every small and big city. They are affordable. A dorm bed in any non-prime location will cost you around 12$. If you prefer a place that is near to a beach, then be ready to spend around 18 to 20$ per night. 

  • Hotel

If you don’t fancy any of the above options, then go for hotel accommodation. It may be a bit expensive but you can have luxury and comfort. You can information about rates on several websites. However, just don’t go with the price listed on those websites. Instead, negotiate with the hotel manager and convince him or her of a discount, especially if you’re doing a last-minute booking. 

Save Money on Transportation

Transportation in Turkey is not expensive. So it’s not worth worrying much about it. Moreover, like accommodation, there are various options to explore towns and cities of Turkey. 

Most touristic cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Bursa have a metro system. Taking the metro is easy and cheaper than renting a car. A single ride in Istanbul costs less than a dollar. Besides the metro, you can also use a tram. Riding is great fun and a different experience.

Then some buses ply to any place. Traveling by bus in Turkey is easy, convenient, and comfortable. You can book the tickets in advance or directly at the bus stand. The buses are spacious and clean, and also offer snacks on board. If you choose a premium bus service, you will also get breakfast on board. So, choose a bus to travel from one city to another without any hesitation.

How to Save Money on Food

Turkey has a wide variety of cuisines all inherited from different civilizations. The not only food in Turkey is delicious, but they are inexpensive as well. However, you can save a lot on food when traveling in Turkey. If your budget is limited, it’s a good idea to cook yourself than eating at restaurants. Most hostels in Turkey offer a shared kitchen. Even the owners on Airbnb provide access to the kitchen. If you don’t mind cooking, then you can stock ingredients by purchasing them at a local market. However, one thing that is worth investing in is a water purifier. The tap water in Turkey must be too risky for drinking. The water purifier will save you from getting sick and you can enjoy your trip healthily. 

These are some of the ways you can travel to Turkey on a budget. However, we would recommend not holding your hands when it comes to spending on food in Turkey. Whether you’re a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or a lover of sweet food and desserts, you will have great pleasure in savoring different types of eatables here. 

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