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Tips On Choosing The Perfect Toilet Basin Suite

March 7, 2022
Toilet Basin Suite

When you plan for a bathroom makeover, there are a lot of things to consider. From what style size will be the best fit according to the bathroom layout to planning for its purchase and fitting, it requires a lot of time and hassle. Toilet Basin Suites can reduce such hassle and save your time and money at the same time. The most important fittings and fixtures that every bathroom requires are the toilet and sink. You can not imagine any bathroom without it. That’s why whether you have a cloakroom or a large bathroom, there will be a need for these fixtures. However, if it comes to choosing a perfect fitting, you will need to get the best types and styles. It may not be easy as it may seem.

In this article, we are about to explain a few tips to get the most out of your Toilet Basin Suites UK. 

What are the Toilet and Basin Suites?

You may already be aware of the bathroom suites. There are various types of sets available in the market. When we have a toilet and sink combo combined in a single package, then these are the Toilet and Basin Suite. There are various combinations of such sets available in the market, which are created based on the styles and size, helping you to get the perfect fit for your bathroom needs. 

What to Consider When Planning for a Toilet and Basin Suite?

Choosing the right bathroom suite can be confusing particularly when you are planning to install it for the first time. There are many issues that you have to decide about it. For example, 

  • What type of toilet do you want? Close-coupled, back to wall or a wall hung toilet.
  • What type of sink do you prefer? Pedestal, semi pedestal, or a wall hung.
  • Are you looking for bathroom storage too? Will you consider a vanity sink unit for it?
  • What type of bathroom looks do you want? Contemporary, modern, traditional, or classic.
  • What is the layout and size of your bathroom? Is it for a cloakroom, ensuite, or any other type?
  • Is it a new installation or replacement? Do you know exactly where you want to fit it?
  • Have you measured the available space for each fixture?

The answers to all these questions will ultimately lead you to make the right choice. To make it easier for you, we are going to discuss all of these points in detail here.

Tips For Making the Right Toilet Basin Suite Choice. 

Our step-by-step process of making the right option will help you make the right choice.

Step-1.  Check The Available Space. The first step will be to decide what size you will need for your toilet basin suite. And that is not possible until you measure it. You must take a measuring tape and start measuring from bottom to top and right-left to have an idea about the size. Keep a note of it and match it with the size of bathroom fittings that you are planning to install. 

Step-2 Decide the Fixture Types. A toilet basin suite is an essential combination of the toilet and sink. But what types of these do you want to install. If the space-saving is in your mind or you want it for a cloakroom, then a wall hung or a back-to-wall toilet will be a better option. And it should be combined with a space-saving sink too. That can be a vanity sink unit or a wall hung or semi pedestal sink. If there is some space available, then you can go for the close-coupled toilet and pedestal sink. 

Step-3. Decide about the Style. In addition to above-discussed things, you should also consider the style of your bathroom accessories that you want in your bathroom. Is it going to be a modern or temporary bathroom? Then a wall hung and back to wall toilet in combination with a vanity sink unit or a wall hung sink can offer a better solution. In other cases, you may go for timeless looks with a close-coupled toilet and pedestal sink combo sink. 

Step-4. Consider Your Budget. Although bathroom suites cost less in comparison to individual fixtures, you still need to decide about your budget. It is important because the prices of suites vary significantly from retailer to retailer. Keeping the money that you can spend on toilet basin suit UK can prevent overspending.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to upgrade your cloakroom or want to replace a toilet and sink instead of a complete makeover, then a toilet basin suite can be a perfect choice for you. By following our step-by-step guide, you can ensure that you have made a perfect choice. We have an extensive range of contemporary and cloakroom bathroom suites available at the Royal Bathrooms online store’s website. 

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