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How To Reduce Inflammation, Dryness, & Acne

March 9, 2022
How To Reduce Inflammation, Dryness, And Acne

Acne, inflammation, and dry skin are common concerns among lots of people. But, when they get out of your hand, you should take care of them. So, read this guide till the end, and explore a few steps to reduce these concerns from your skin.

How to get rid of these skin concerns naturally? 

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated: 

Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to healthy hair skin and nails and an overall healthful lifestyle. So, whatever you do, do not forget to measure your water intake every day. Try to drink eight glasses of water each day and increase your everyday fluid intake. Add healthy and protein-rich food to your everyday diet, and your skin will become flawless. 

2. Do Not Wash Your Face Frequently: 

When someone has lots of acne and inflammation on their skin, they tend to wash their face frequently. Well, if you do so, stop it right now. Do not wash your face more than twice a day. If you continue washing your face with harsh face wash, your skin’s natural oil diminishes with time. In this way, your skin becomes unhealthy, dryer, and full of acne. So, try to avoid washing your face more than twice, once in the morning and once before going to bed. 

3. Go through all ingredients before using any product on your skin: 

Reading out and understanding all ingredients before using any skincare product on your skin is a must. If you face severe acne problems and extreme dryness, never forget to check out the ingredients. Before finalizing one, make sure to research those ingredients, ask your dermatologist about their effects on your skin, and other possibilities. Although you have acne, do not feel skeptical about oil-based products since some oils are good for your skin. 

4. Go For Advanced Acne Treatment: 

If nothing is working for you, it is better to go for skin treatment. Set your appointment with a good dermatologist, discuss your problems, and opt for treatments. In this way, you can save lots of time and effort, and your skin will become flawless soon. 

Add These Skincare Products To Your Everyday Routine: 

1. Use a Mild Cleanser: 

If you are tired of fighting dry skin and acne, maybe your cleanser is the reason behind it. So, switch to a mild cleanser that is appropriate for your dry skin. Make sure that your cleanser incorporates all essential vitamins, minerals, and other agents that can fight all acne-causing bacteria and germs. Additionally, make sure that your face does not feel dry after washing. In a word, select a mild cleanser that is gentle on your face. 

2. Select Your Moisturizer Carefully: 

If you are dealing with acne, dryness, and inflammation, picking up the right moisturizer is the number one essential for you. Check the ingredients before getting your hand on a moisturizer: select oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturizers. Furthermore, do not get afraid of moisturizers, no matter how much acne you have on your skin. It is proven that the right moisturizer containing the right oil treats acne and inflammation like magic. So, make sure to wash your face with a gentle face wash and follow it with a suitable moisturizer at least twice a day. 

3. Maintain Distance From Exfoliation: 

Sometimes people think that exfoliating skin with a scrubber is a must for a daily skincare routine. But, if you are concerned about acne-prone skin and dryness, it is suggested not to use exfoliators frequently. Being harsh, exfoliators work harshly against your skin. So, an exfoliator is a big no for acne-prone skins. If you still want to add a scrubber or exfoliator to your skincare routine, make sure to avoid using it on active acne. 

4. Use Face Masks: 

Face masks work like magic on acne-prone skins. Along with efficiently reducing acne and inflammation from your skin, face masks boost the hydration level of your skin and make it plump and glowing. Face masks, especially salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and natural ingredients, work best for dry skins. Try to use these masks once or twice a week for a fast and satisfactory outcome. 

All dos and don’ts: 


  • Use a mild cleanser 
  • Follow it up with the correct moisturizer 
  • Drink enough water 
  • Use overnight skin solutions 
  • Contact a dermatologist 


  • Do not exfoliate 
  • Make sure you are not washing your face frequently 
  • Do not keep switching among different products often 
  • Avoid heavy makeup every day
  • Avoid junk food


To conclude the guide, we can suggest you follow all steps carefully. Remember, dryness, and a little acne is common for everyone. But, if it somehow goes out of control, you should take the necessary steps at your early convenience. On the other hand, do not expect an otherworldly one-day recovery as well. Keep calm, and your skin will become perfect soon.

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