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Guide: Whether Repair Or Replace Your AC System?

July 5, 2021
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Changes in technology and environmental regulations have brought many changes in the air conditioning industry. These changes can often induce you to consider upgrading the air cooling system in your homes or offices. Doing so without its need can be an unwanted investment, wasting the hard-earned money is not appreciable in any case.

Therefore, it is better to ponder upon several points while deciding whether to get your air conditioning replaced or repaired from any well-reputed HVAC Contractor such Nor-Can Heating and Air. These can include the efficiency of the system, the entirety of it breaking down, and the frequency of repairs required by the system. 

This article explains a few factors when deciding whether to repair or replace your home air conditioning system. 

Age Of Air Conditioning System 

Many experts are of the view that a typical air conditioning system can work well for 10-15 years. The age of the AC system is the foremost thing to consider when deciding between repair or replacement of the system. 

If you have a nine-year-old air conditioning system, chances of a repair being worthy are very less. You can opt for repair only if it is an easy and small repair. Such as a clogged condenser, a worn-out fan belt. Still, a technician from HVAC contractors can suggest the replacement or repair by looking at the cooling ducts or unit as a whole. 

R-22 Usage Extent 

If your air conditioner requires an additional refrigerant to work this indicates the leakage of coolant. Using R-22 also known as feron as a top-up for the AC may require you to incur multiple extra dollars. These are not even included in the service calls piling the cost of maintenance by manifolds. 

Now the government is restricting the use of Feron R-22 to conserve the environment ultimately leading to higher Feron costs. So, if your system is using extra Feron it is a good time to replace the system with new systems. Manufactured by using non-ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons. 

Moreover, usually, the cost of repairing a leakage, replacing the compressor, or adding an extra refrigerant can cost more than a new low-end air conditioning system. Hence, in such scenarios replacing is a wise option to choose over repairing. 

Breakdown Frequency 

The older units can become difficult to upkeep both their repair requires time and money as well. The occasional repairs are pretty normal and are necessary to keep the system updated. As your AC is working and running it will surely need some maintenance.

However, the problem comes when these occasional repairs become a habit. Several breakdowns during the summer season are not good for the system, you, and your bank balance. These multiple repairs are a clear indication of a bigger problem in the future. Which a repair will not be able to solve. 

Therefore, investing in a new system is better than investing in short-running recurring repairs.

Watch Your Energy Bills 

Older AC systems lose their effectiveness with the decrease in SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) value. Higher the SEER value less will be the energy consumption. The new system has high SEER values. Consulting an HVAC service provider about the available SEER and comparing it to your ac SEER value helps you make the right decision. 

Overall efficiency and the maximum level of efficiency a system can use, determines the energy consumption. A less efficient system will cause an unusual hike in energy bills. The increased energy bills are imminent signs to get your air conditioning system replaced.

Repair Costs

If you find it difficult to decide whether to replace the air conditioning system or get it repaired then comparing the cost for both is the best solution. When comparing the cost of repair and replacement. Keep in mind that the new system is an investment for the next 10 years while the repair may last only for two years. If the repair is small then only repaired is a good option. Otherwise, opting for replacement will turn out to be an effective and efficient investment. 

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