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Beautiful Fake Tree For The Garden

October 14, 2020
fake tree

Fake trees have indeed become a greatly favorite home decor accessory these days. To be honest, faux trees are a special gift, especially for those people who are lovers of nature but do not have a green thumb. If you are very busy & do not have the time or patience to take care of your real trees, then you will without any doubt appreciate artificial trees. Fake trees are mainly used for indoor decoration purposes. However, many people use them to decorate their outdoors too, even their gardens.

 If you are planning to decorate your garden with artificial trees also, you have come to the right place. In this article, we aim to suggest to you some ‘fake trees for the garden’. So, without any further ado, let us get started!

Tall Cedar Pine Trees

The first fake tree on our list is Cedar Pine. They are going to be a fantastic choice for your garden for sure. You will find 6 feet tall Cedar Pine trees that are suitable for a place in gardens. These tall cedar pines are made of plastic. 

You will not face any difficulty putting them together in your garden. They are so realistic that it is tough to know that they are fake. 

Cedar pines look fantastic in gardens & entryways. They come with planters. But if you want, you can even put them in the ground.

Sago Palm Trees

The second plant that we have here is Sago palm trees. They are beautiful when it comes to party decorations. On different occasions, people love to decorate their houses with lights & everything. 

People also decorate their indoor & outdoor trees on these occasions. And the sago palm trees are exclusive for this reason. 

That means- you can use them for outdoor lighting purposes at different events or celebrations. Besides, they will also give your outdoors a tropical look.

Ficus Tree

Another tree that you can use to decorate your garden is Ficus. You will find ficus trees that are made of wool and silk. That means- their trunks are built of braided natural wood & their leaves are made of silk. 

They are very realistic & similar to the live Ficus trees. We advise you to buy these ficusses because their wood & silk blend provides them with incredible shelf life & at the same time makes them environment friendly. Besides, you do not have to worry about your babies or kids twisting & playing with the leaves of these fake ficus trees because they have a minimal chance of wilting. 

You can not only put them in your garden. You can also use them in your indoor entryways, stair landings, living room corners, or in your balconies.

Hawaiian Ficus Tree

Even though this is also a ficus tree like the previous one, it is a bit special. You can understand it from its name, it’s a Hawaiian ficus tree. The reason Hawaiian ficus trees are fascinating is because of their extensively high leaf count. 

And some Hawaiian ficusses also come with twisted spiral liana stems, which makes them even more beautiful. They are gorgeous & you can use them as standalone plants. But if you want to put it with other plants for deep screening, you can do that as well.

Pre-lit Royal Palm Trees

We have yet another type of palm tree for you. We are talking about pre-lit royal palm trees this time. You may ask what’s so special about these palm trees. Well, the reason behind their specialty is they are amusing & super-fun. 

As you can understand from its name, these palm trees come with pre-installed lights. So, during your special occasions & celebrations, pre-lit palm trees can bring in party vibes with ease. On top of that, royal palm trees can turn on the tropical mode at any time.

 If you have a pool near your garden, you can place a royal palm tree outside the pool & fancy a tropical scenery while enjoying a glass of mojito. Sounds great, no?

Final Words

Dear readers, you have come to the end of our article regarding ‘fake tree for the garden’. We hope you enjoyed reading our article. 

If you have any other fake tree in your mind, please feel free to share it with our readers in the comment section below. Thank you for reading our article & have a good day!

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