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DIY Garden Bar Ideas

May 19, 2020
DIY Garden Bars

Getting a garden bar will provide you with the opportunity to have a great space to enjoy your summer holidays. In other words, it can transform your backyard into an entertainment destination. You can install a garden bar on your own. That’s where you must take a look at the following DIY garden bar ideas. All you have to go through the list of ideas and pick the best idea to proceed with your DIY project.

Wooden Crate Bar

You can construct the outdoor wooden crate bar with in-built shelves. They will not just provide you with practical experience, but it will also look good. You will be able to use the shelves to store your bottles and glasses. From wooden crates, we can make an entire garden bar. You will be able to further enhance the functionality offered by this garden bar by adding wheels to it. Apart from the wooden crates, you will need to get a large MDF piece as well. This is one of the easiest DIY projects that you can work on.

Outdoor Bar Cart

You can use a plant stand to create the outdoor bar cart. If you don’t have much space, this is a good garden bar idea to go ahead with. It will provide excellent assistance to you by showing off the favorite plants that you have. After constructing the garden bar, you can hold everything that you want in it. If you can get some wheels added to it, you will get all the support needed to move this garden bar from one place to another. You can also include two different storage drawers so that you can store beverage napkins, bottle openers, and corks.

Upcycled Potting Bench

You can easily use an upcycled potting bench as a garden bar. This will be able to provide you with the experience delivered by an outdoor beverage cart. Once you complete this DIY project, you can place ice instead of soil. Likewise, you can hang bottle openers or bar towels instead of the tools. You are provided with the freedom to customize the appearance of this garden bar by painting it according to your preferences. It can also introduce some fun to your backyard.

Sleek Metal Bar Cart

The sleek metal bar cart is another great option available for smaller spaces. You can add wheels to add to it. Then you can easily roll it to any given space around your property. There are three shelves available on it as well. In addition to that, you can find lots of space for storing what you need. You can further enhance the functionality of the bar cart by adding a basket to it. It provides lots of storage space for the different beverages that you have.

You can proceed with any of these DIY projects as per your preferences and get your garden bar constructed. Also, place some beautiful fake trees to decorate your garden.

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