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12 Best Cakes To Get For Your Friend’s Birthday

December 2, 2020

At any moment of the year, a beautiful and flavorful cake is central to any occasion. The right cake will bring a smile to everyone’s face, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, promotion party, or any day of celebration. It’s a common thing to do to explore the choices for online best cakes delivery across all major cities and towns in India.

At whatever point you think of presents for the first birthday, 5th, 10th, and 20th birthdays, there’s one component that’s an epitome of joy and interminable delight. A birthday cake may be a basic portion. It’s like setting out on a new journey of trust, upbeat moments, and cherished recollections. Hence a birthday cake ought to be the foremost particular highlight of your arrangement. Together with your special friend’s birthday around the corner, book the best cakes, and surprise them. 

Mango Cake

Firstly, enhanced with delightful vanilla cake and flavored with freshly-sliced mangoes, a mango cake is the best choice to grab attention. Three layers of soft cake enhanced with mango fillings are loaded with tasty fresh-cut mango and cherries besides smashed pistachios scattered on the sides.

White Forest Cake

Secondly, would you like to require a trip through the arrival of the white forest cake? Your dream cake, perfectly dressed in white cream topped with a succulent cherry, comes here. Each bite will make you’re feeling the delight of paradise, where the lovely blend of white chocolate and vanilla will allow you a cheerful experience.

Fruit Cake

This deliciously sweet cake on the top gives you three layers of delicious seasonal fruits. To make it more delicious you need to go for the one with fresh pineapple slices with cherries on top garnishing the cake.

White Forest Gateau

Until our taste buds got a chance to taste this snow-white beauty, we didn’t know roses could taste sweet too. A white forest cake, round-shaped and fully coated in buttercream swirl roses. For a pop color, bright sprinklers are added along with three red cherries in the middle.

Butterscotch Cake

This wet and smooth three-layer cake filled with butterscotch chips and vanilla cream isn’t to be missed! It’s time to feel the crunch! The cake is further topped with a butterscotch coat and brown chocolate drops brightened with delicious caramel dressing on the sides.

Pineapple Cake

This cake is for all times of celebration! Loaded with intensely whipped rich cream and pineapple fillings, this delicious three-layered pineapple flavored cake perfectly defines simplicity at its finest. This cake is the perfect combination of sweetness and fluffiness, covered with pineapple slices, chocolate flakes, and a further one adorned with cherries.

Strawberry Cake

A three-layered divine dessert packed with rich strawberry cream and crushed strawberries in this toothsome strawberry rose. Why send your loved ones the same old bouquet, with roses carved on its contours and strawberry cream icing, when you can be one step ahead with this ambrosial strawberry!

Black Forest 

Catholic, are you? However, this dainty black forest cake’s chocolate shavings make it forgiving to those who are genuinely cake-obsessed. Dive into this incredible and classic cake’s delicious taste and make every celebration worth celebrating. If it is a birthday, anniversary, or any house party, an evergreen cake is perfect for any occasion.

Choco Butterscotch Cake

One tempting sweet course is this lovely crunch cake! This cake is a good way, to sum up, your celebrations, made with three cream-filled layers of mushy cake and a chocolate-creamy layer in the center, along with appetizing rich cream chocolate glaze frosting and butterscotch nougat!

Blueberry Cake

As an all-time favorite of households, the all-new luscious blueberry cake has made its mark. This cake is a joy to eat, not just to look at! With this flavourful cake, you can’t go wrong. Seize your loved ones’ day and celebrate it with this tasty cake.

Vanilla Choco Cake

Lastly, exquisite choco vanilla cake for your dessert of the day. Yes, at the same time, you can have both. Before you get a bite of it, you won’t know. The photo says everything! While whipping a hot coffee, this choco vanilla cake can be a snack. A perfect range for any celebration.

Gulkand Cake

Baking knows no bounds, and you can order cake online Gurgaon with layers of rose petal jam, also known as Gulkand when all of you deserve nothing but the best. With this appetizing chocolate that can make someone drool in the sweetest symphony and line them up for more, this cake is brimming with flavors of delicious nature’s candy. With a single click, catch this imploding flavorful beauty now!

So count the memories, not the calories; and go for any of your favorite cakes from the above ideas for your buddy on her/his special day! 

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