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Gift Ideas To Make Your Cousin’s Christmas Special

December 2, 2020
Christmas gifts

Christmas is a time when you finally meet your close ones and spend some quality time together, after a long time. Christmas is a time when everyone leaves their tension, workload at their offices, and home. I said home because during Christmas most of us visit our close one’s homes. Like all my cousins, I come to my home for Christmas and New Year celebrations. You know, the whole week for me and my cousins, not less than a lottery. Because once the gift year we all meet and do lots of fun. So Christmas is an energy refilling for all of us.

Wait a whole year for Christmas, just because of this meeting, and fun. We all cousins are so close to each other. We all eat together, sleep together, go shopping together, do fun together. In one word, if I would say, we don’t leave each other for a single second. I have 7 cousins, and we are so close to each other, and we share all the secrets. So this year, I have planned that this year, I will give a special Christmas gift to my cousins. I have shortlisted some gift ideas, and I thought I should discuss the gift ideas with you all. That’s why I am here. 

Mix cake 

Don’t worry, I am not making any fun. I am explaining to you my idea. This gift I will prepare for all my cousins. But the gift will be one, which means this is sharing the gift. I will bake a Santa Claus cake, but it will not be a normal cake. I will add one piece of all of our favorite cakes, and then convert it into a shape. When my cousins see this gift they will be surprised and very happy. You know you can also plan something like this for your cousins,  they will surely enjoy your gift a lot. 

Childhood To Till Date Memory

The next gift idea on my list is really close to my heart. I am sure, for my cousins, this gift will also be very special to me. I have planned to give them a collage photo frame. In that college, there will be lots of our pictures from our childhood to till date. It will be a great touching gift for my cousins. I know, they are going to give me a big and tight hug. Because this gift is very special. And I know in return, I am going to have half of the part of the best new year cake

Handmade Flower Bouquet

This is one of our childhood things. We all cousins used to make flower bouquets in childhood for our elders. So this year, I will make a flower bouquet by myself. It is not so tough, because I am going to use my DIY for making a beautiful flower bouquet. I will make a flower bouquet of my cousin’s favorite flowers. So they will be very happy to see their favorite flowers as a gift. 

Same Dress 

This Christmas, I thought I should do something interesting, and make unforgettable memories. That’s why I plan this Christmas gift for my cousins. I will buy the same color and design dress for all of us. This dress will be a Christmas gift for my cousins by my side. This will make my cousins feel extraordinary, spectacular, and special. They will never ever forget this gift and Christmas. And yes, I will order our common favorite flavor pizza and online cake delivery. They all will be so touched by this gift, I know it very well. 

Trip to Our Favorite Place 

The gift is not something that should be a materialistic thing. For me and my all cousins, gifts mean that they make us happy and memorable in our hearts. So I have planned a special vacation for my cousins. It’s like a staycation at our favorite place. We will celebrate the new year at that place like childhood. I know my cousins are going crazy after knowing about this outstanding gift.  This is going to be memorable for all of us. This is also a Christmas gift for me. 

These are a few Christmas gift ideas for me. So I thought, you guys are also thinking about what to give to your cousins this Christmas. You can consider these gifts for your cousins. Their Christmas will also become smiling and filled with happiness. So, now it’s your turn to choose a gift for your cousins. Because I am done with my cousin’s Christmas gifts. Okay, so now go and start your shopping. 

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