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Why Wooden Watches Are a Good Choice?

April 24, 2021
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Have you ever considered buying Wooden Watches UK? If not, we are sure that you will for sure make up your mind to do after studying the following points. Many people acquire these for gift purposes on various occasions. Each buyer has his/her reasons yet there are some points common enough to enlist here. Those who love to collect them would need no other reason but the love they have for timber items. If you have not yet acquired one, this write-up is for you. Read the following points with keen interest so that when you reach the end line, there is some reason for you to buy one.

An All-Natural Economical Choice

A watch constructed from timber is a much better economic investment in numerous ways. Yes, it is right, as compared to precious brands of metal and plastic watches, wooden wristwatches are far more economical. Besides, there is a natural look that makes them a thing of beauty. Those individuals who want to stand out of the crowd, have no other choice when it comes to wristwatches. They would simply go for the timber products. Especially handmade watches are irresistible due to several reasons. We can simply declare them men’s jewelry. 

If you have an excellent watch of wood, no matter if you go to attend a meeting or are at a party, people would for sure notice you. Some might envy you for such a cheap yet remarkable wristwatch. 

A Long-Lasting Thing of Beauty

As we all know that wood is a resilient item. The same qualities are transformed when any type of product is crafted from it. Yes, it holds, a watch made from timber will serve as a strong time device. Lots of readers may not agree with us at this point. However, allow us to say that it also depends on your wood and manufacturing company choice. Famous and notable timber watch brands would never compromise on quality. They produce these items from the first-hand piece of wood. It is then crafted into a unique-looking time-telling machine. 

No need to mention, these watches are extremely resistant as well as fashionable. Famous brands are always in competition with each other. That is why they would emphasize quality assurance more than anything. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor for them to care about. With awesome tones as well as an antique appearance, you can flaunt their collection at any moment. They have plentiful tones in addition to a unique look that is their brand identity. 

Use It Whenever You Want It

Another appreciable feature of wooden wrist watch is their everyday usage without any fear. Unlike gold or silver watches you can use them as frequently as you like. There is no fear of losing them. Yet these are equally precious. The most beautiful part of their story is the diversity in forms and types and wood. From commonly found to the most precious one, you will locate each with different qualities. Some of the most common types of wood used for that purpose are as follows:

  • When it comes to the traditional Hawaiian timber, Koa is the most loved type. It is rather durable and long-lasting. The same is the case with Maple which is resilient and durable by nature. Both these types are economical. 
  • Those who love natural dark and brownish shades can go for Ebony watches. These have a commonly straight grain. At some places, it might have black or brownish touches that would make it even more unique. 
  • Cork for a comfortable and lightweight feeling. It is also the most inexpensive type of wooden watch loved by a majority of individuals. However, its life span is short as compared to other wood types.
  • Bamboo is the most durable and strong type of wood. Its watches have a rather uniform structure with pale yellow or whitish shades. The noticeable pores make them more unique as compared to others. However, these are not water-resistant due to their porous nature.
  • With a natural mesmerizing fragrance, Sandalwood watches are loved by ladies. No doubt these are a thing of beauty. Moreover, these have no side effects and are appropriate for all skin types. 

Taking Care of Wooden Watches for Men 

Have you received a gift of Wooden Watches UK for Men and are now worried about their care? There is no need to fret, here are some points that you must keep in mind about these watches:

  • Many people, especially men at work think that all wooden watches are water-resistant. Well, that is not the case. As mentioned above some wood types are porous. No matter how well polished, a continuous flow of water can damage them. Though a slight splash will not hurt your watch, yet do not take it as fully water-resistant. 
  • Cleanse your wood watch regularly. It will help keep its natural glow intact. Cleansing will certainly protect it against dimming and also eliminate dust accumulation. 
  • Wood watches do survive in various temperature levels, yet do not ever expose your watch to direct sunlight for long. Extreme changes in temperature level can get it dry. This will produce fractures in wood and thus reduce its life.

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