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What Subjects Are Taught In Fashion Designing?

October 16, 2020
Fashion Designing

The subjects included in a Fashion Design course are to highlight the different values and cultures related to the world of fashion. A fashion design course is about the sole purpose of sustainable and worldwide development design culture. Furthermore, fashion designing course modules trace the ever-modifying and recurring trends in the industry of fashion. We will find out about the core subjects that are compulsory for students to undergo when studying fashion design.

Core Subjects In Fashion Design

The fashion design program is to impart an entrepreneurship spirit into the students’ minds. Mainly by incorporating core subjects of fashion design study related to manufacturing, fabrics, textiles, and economic relevance:

Visual Communication

This subject gives you training on advertising various fashion products and goods effectively, by transforming their look into an attractive form. It includes the applications, techniques, and qualities required to transfer information.

Creative Cutting And Construction

This provides advanced knowledge of the entire fashion design cycle. This includes all the concepts of garment designing putting special emphasis on the emerging and future trends in Fashion. 

Introduction To Fashion History And Theory

This module allows students to get an in-depth understanding of the history and theory of fashion. You will run your mind across the intricate details and terminologies of the earlier century styles from which the designers working today extract their ideas.

Innovative Design Practice

This course will allow you to sustain yourself in the fast-changing landscape of the fashion industry. Your skills can be a handful at the need of the hour to reform production practices while being more agile and smarter. They teach about innovative ways of thinking to modify a diverse product lifecycle.

Creative Drape Practice

As the name suggests this module allows you to engage in the draping process. It is a highly creative technique that can empower and inspire aspirants to be more creative, innovative, and have fun during the course curriculum. Learning how to drape not just requires you to be intuitive but also spontaneous in a way to develop new design ideas.

Professional Practice

Lastly, Students are trained to develop a more resolved and focused approach to their fashion practice and specialism. Also, they are trained to execute complex tasks with confidence and consistency. Training is also given on evaluating personal work and drafting ideas from conception to realization.

The course delivers a comprehensive curriculum where the students get the opportunity to delve into the history and development of fashion design. It’s an emphasis on the characteristic features of fashion designing via theory-based classes. Simultaneously providing candidates real-time exposure to transform their creative vision through first-hand applications.

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