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Handbags – Every Woman Should Own

April 19, 2020
HandBags - Every Woman Should Own

Nowadays eye-catching prints and fast colors are in trends. As we all know right handbag with the right outfits adds extra charm to our look. Here is the complete list of handbags that you should add to your wardrobe.

Tote Bag

Looking for a bag that can carry all your stuff, then this the perfect bag for you. Every girl should have a tote bag in her closet. If you’re looking for a professional women’s bag or the best work bag, a leather tote or fashionable designer tote bag is probably a good option for you as they both combine form and function. On the other hand, a canvas tote is good for the gym bag or diaper bag.

A Clutch

A clutch is generally a small purse. It’s easy to carry. you can carry in your hand or under your arm. A clutch can look great in any outfit from dresses to sarees and jeans. you just need to choose the right material and design for the clutch. So many varieties are available like Morning clutch, Evening clutch, Envelope Clutch, Box Clutch, Kiss Lock Clutch, and many more. Choose as per your choice and occasion.

Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags make great everyday purses. A crossbody bag is typically smaller in size compared to the tote bag. With an endless variety of sizes, patterns, and colors, selecting a crossbody bag couldn’t be easier. Crossbody bags come with a strap or a chain. A chain strap is currently in trending as it adds some extra glamour to your look. If chain strap is not your cup of tea go with the strap.


The backpack is a perfect bag for traveling as it keeps our hands free. The only thing to consider while buying a backpack is your comfort. Don’t buy a heavy bag for a hiking trip. Two major types of materials used in the backpack, Cuben fiber is lighter but much more expensive, and ripstop nylon is heavier but cheaper.

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