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All You Need To Know About Contact lenses

September 2, 2020
Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are the new trend followed by many Hollywood stars like Selena Gomez, Zayn Malik, Kayne West, etc. they are not reserved only for Halloween now. However, if you are going to try this trend, it is better to learn as much about it. And we intend to inform you about various colored lenses (especially crystal blue contact lenses).

Colored lenses are fun to wear and are also fantastic if you want to show off your sense of fashion and make a classy fashion statement. So, here are a few facts that you should know about colored contact lenses:

5 Important And Interesting Facts About Colored Lenses:

  1. Buy your contact lenses from a trusted place: if you want crystal blue contact lenses for fashion purposes, you shouldn’t settle for cheap or unauthentic ones. Many sites on the internet sell 3rd-class lenses, which can damage your eyes permanently. We agree that colored lenses are expensive, but your eyesight is not any less valuable. So, make sure that if you have a liking for colored lenses, you buy them from a good and authentic place.
  2. Colored lenses are generally similar to prescription lenses. If you are using prescription lenses but want colored lenses just for fun, then know this: all colored lenses are sold only if they meet the standard of prescription lenses. There is absolutely no difference between both kinds of lenses except that the colored lenses are tinted with color and are disposable after a certain number of uses. Many lenses have different designs, and those types of lenses are also similar to prescription ones. Colored lenses are not necessarily prescription ones; they are only made on the prescription lenses’ standards.
  3. There are many kinds and styles of lenses: you won’t believe how many types of lenses are out there. There are colored lenses that include all the colors of the world, even crystal blue contact lenses, then there are contact lenses that have different iris styles, and then there are lenses that change color while you are wearing them (how cool is that?). You can buy many types of contact lenses and have fun with them. Try one with every outfit and with every style you plan to take on.  
  4. Colored contact lenses can cause health issues if not used with care: even though your colored lenses are made on the same standards as your prescription lenses, wearing them for longer durations can hurt your eyes. If you don’t take care of them and discard them when their end date approaches, you risk your eyes’ health. Apart from this, if you already have some issues with your eyes like a disfigured eye, scar on the corneas, problem with glare, then you can also get personalized colored lenses made especially for your eyes. That means that colored lenses can hurt, but they can also protect your eyes from problems.
  5. It is better to buy your colored contact lenses after you test them: blindly buying any lenses that you like off the internet or even from the market is like giving someone a gun to shoot you and hoping that they won’t do it. Always buy your lenses after you try them first. Ensure that they fit perfectly on your eye, have a good vision, and are comfortable to wear. This will protect your eyes as well as will provide you comfort.

These were some important facts about colored contact lenses. We will now answer some of the most frequently asked questions that people ask about colored contact lenses.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Colored Contact Lenses:

  1. Can lenses get lost in the eye? No, contact lenses can never go behind your eye, because of the membrane. The membrane covers your eye and connects it to the inside of the eyeball.
  2. Can my eyes get scratched by colored contact lenses? Such a situation is possible only if your contact lenses are of extremely poor quality. If you are using good quality lenses, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Buy good quality lenses and take good care of them.
  3. Can contact lenses get stuck to my eye? No, crystal blue contact lenses or any other lenses are not made of any such material which might stick to your eye. You can wear or remove them as per your wish in a way that your optometrist suggests.
  4. Are my colored contact lenses likely to pop off my eye? They don’t fall off your eye until you manually take them off. Sometimes a lens can move from its place, but it still won’t fall out. However, if you properly wear it, then it would never leave its place.
  5. Will I frequently get an eye infection while wearing unprescribed colored lenses? If you have un-prescribed lenses, it doesn’t mean that you will suffer from eye infections. Yes, eye infections can happen, but that is because of a poor cleaning routine or because you don’t take care of them. Keep your lenses clean and well hydrated to avoid any infections or diseases.
  6. Why are color contacts more expensive than glasses? Colored lenses are not more expensive than glasses. They are different things. You use colored lenses for fashion and style; however, you use glasses to correct your vision.
  7. Can I wear colored lenses at all times? If you’re your colored lenses are prescription ones, then you can wear them whenever you feel the need to wear them. But, it is better to give your eyes some rest. Don’t wear lenses 24/7 as your eyes also need rest?
  8. Can I share my colored lenses with my friend? No, never share your personal use items with others as they can cause infections and other health problems for both of you. We make color contact lenses exclusively for your eye. Don’t allow anyone else (even your biological sister) to wear your lenses.
  9. Do my eyes need rest from all the lenses time: as discussed above, eyes do need rest and free time from all kinds of contacts? Make sure that you don’t tire your eyes with the constant use of colored contact lenses.
  10. Are contact lenses bad for the health of your eyes? They are perfectly safe for your eyes until you wear them for a limited time, change them timely, clean them properly, and keep them safe. If you go overboard with wearing lenses, then they will be very bad for your eyes.

Hopefully, this article would’ve helped you in understanding everything about colored contact lenses. So, make sure to enjoy your time while wearing colored contact lenses and follow safety precautions to keep your eyes safe forever.

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