Tips to Stay Warm And Sleep Well in a Tent

February 22, 2022

Sleeping outside is definitely a different experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s always fun. If you find it difficult to sleep comfortably in your bed at times, consider staying out. The ideal is to get ready and go out so as not to deprive yourself of new experiences and enjoy them to the fullest.

A four-season low-temperature tent can make all the difference.

Sleeping bags: European standard EN 13537 combines temperature limits and their measurement standards.

The clothes we wear for camping in the cold weather are important from thermal underwear to the last layer of protection (mountain system).

The first time is probably the hardest because we don’t know what we’re dealing with. Maybe you’re camping out characters in an episode of your favorite series and you have an idea of ​​what you’ll get. But nothing compares to reality.

Even if you are one of those people who falls asleep easily, it does not matter that it will surprise you anywhere when planning to go camping, it is worth following some tips. Is.

You will need a good night’s sleep to perform a day of activity in the mountains.

Due to the economic savings they represent, the camping environment is widely used. In addition to the financial benefits of the hotel, it allows the camper to be in direct contact with nature.

But when we spend many days in the tent and use the sleeping bag, without getting used to it, the body will soon send out rejection signals and demand normal rest.

Remember that the night is for relaxation and if instead of replenishing energy, we wake up late, get cold, and do not sleep, it will be difficult for us to perform outside during the day of physical activity.

Alternatives to keep warm in the tent

Here are some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep and make camping the most memorable experience:

1. Bring a Suitable Bag

If we have a bag that does not protect us, a sleepless night is guaranteed. Don’t just look at the model when you go to buy a sleeping bag. In addition to quality and comfort, evaluate the temperature it will offer so that you do not freeze at dawn.

It would be best to have a bag that is more comfortable than the temperature between 10 and 15 degrees to which you will be exposed during camping.

2. Urinating Before Bed

When we empty our bladder, the body burns less energy to keep us warm. So it is good to urinate before going to bed. Another point of truth is that if we go first, we will not have to get up at dawn and therefore our sleep will not be disturbed.

3. Make Your Mat Plumper

It will be sufficient to place an extra piece of luggage under the pad so that there is more mattress between the person and the ground. As the idea is to be prepared, but not overloaded, inflatable or foam mats will be very useful, offering the best insulation, we can find a very good variety in the market.

4. A Hot Water Bottle

This helps keep the bag warm longer, no matter how cold the tent is. Offer a plastic bottle, one of which brings water, juice, or soda. We place it between the legs, to touch the femoral artery and at a temperature that your body tolerates. It translates into safe comfort. 

If we do not want to keep the water bottle between our legs, because it is painful for us, then there is an alternative to pouring boiling water into a plastic bottle and closing it, and putting it at the bottom of the bag, which may be covered. Go With a cloth, so that it retains a warm place and does not feel cold.

5. Protect your Bag from Moisture

You have to keep it dry. If we have taken a walk in the rain, think about your bag and protect it so that it does not get wet.

6. Eat

If the cold wakes you up in the middle of the night, eat a chocolate bar to boost your metabolism.

7. Do not Sleep in Wet Clothes

Whether it is water or sweat, wet clothes should be removed from our bodies. If we want to feel comfortable and warm at night, we need to sleep in dry clothes.

8. Thermal or Synthetic Clothing

They are great for keeping us warm and not exposing the body to freezing temperatures. This will help us to sleep warmly.

Layered clothing is perfect for sleeping and keeping warm in tents. From jackets to pants and socks, they provide warmth for pleasant comfort. Many layers of thin clothing.

When we sleep in tents, balaclavas, gloves, and long pants help keep us warm.

9. Continue Rotating

Although we should protect ourselves from the cold, we cannot block circulation. Remove any clothing from your body that blocks blood flow and prevents you from sleeping comfortably.

10. Branches and Leaves also Work

If the problem is that we do not have enough material in any of the things we carry to clean the bag and keep us warm while we sleep, then take advantage of the benefits of nature and choose dry leaves and branches. Do Put a little pile under the shop, the results are good.

11. Exercise

One way to keep the bag warm is to do a round of squats and then lie down. Whenever you have a cold, exercising reduces the feeling.

12. Fill in the Blanks

The less space left in the bag, the less likely it is to catch a cold. If the bag is too big, let’s use some fabric to complete it, so that the layers come together to provide warmth.

13. Ice Tarp

If it snows, it is best to place tarpaulin or other material such as cedar branches between the ground and the tent, isolated and not feel the ground cold.

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