Thrilling Outdoor Adventures in Miami’s Backdrop

July 19, 2023

There is just something special about coastal cities. Beaches are a significant aspect of coastal towns and act as the perfect place to unwind and relax. When it comes to beaches, Miami is arguably one of the world’s most popular destinations. A trip to Miami is something I always wanted to undertake. 

I researched a lot about the city and in fact, got to know that there are other crowd-pullers as well. It had a well-established art scene as well which a lot of people do not know about. It is also a major media, financial, and entertainment hub in the United States.

How I Got There

Tickets for Delhi to Miami flights were not going to come cheap but I decided to book a round-trip American Airlines ticket to reduce some of the expenses. The round-trip flight cost me INR 113, 325. 

The duration of the flight was around 27 hours long and had two stops in the middle. 

One of the stops was in Mumbai and the other was in London. The Mumbai To London flight was quite lengthy. 

It was the longest journey by air that I had ever been on. I was exhausted after the flight but I didn’t mind as these things are all part of life. The experiences can be applied to all those who take trips to Miami from India.  


The city has a tropical monsoon-type climate with hot and wet summers along with warm and dry winters. The hot and wet season spans from May to October while the dry and warm season from November through to April. 

Best Time To Visit

The months from November to March are believed to be the high season for tourism. The rains tend to reduce and the weather is nice and warm during the day time. This is great for sightseeing and touring the city. 

Public Transportation

I also made sure I researched the public transportation facilities available in the city. The S.F.R.T.A. and the Miami-Dade Transit operate the public transportation systems in Miami. Its public transportation options include: bus services under the Metrobus name, an elevated people mover called the Metromover, a heavy rail rapid transit called Metrorail and a commuter rail service called the Tri-rail. 

Easy Card

It’s a contactless smart card that is used in the South Florida region. It can be used across all the aforementioned transportation systems. It is quite a handy thing to have and I made sure I bought one and used it during the trip to Miami.

From Delhi To My Hotel In Miami

Delhi To Miami Flight

My flight from Delhi was to take off at 9:30 PM from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It was a 27-hour transit flight that had two stops. One was in Mumbai and the other in London.

There was no entertainment on the flight so I brought a book with me to pass the time. Also during the layovers in Mumbai and London, I checked out the shops and the stores at the airport to keep myself busy. 

I finally got through the flight and arrived at my destination in the afternoon according to local time. I was not the only one exhausted among those making trips to Miami on the flight.

Heading To My Hotel

After getting off my flight I completed all my formalities at the airport and then took a taxi to my hotel. I had planned to stay at the Oceanside Hotel and Suites which conveniently was also located near Miami Beach. 

I took a taxi from the Miami International Airport to the hotel. There were some toll charges as well along the way. Finally got to my hotel and as soon as I got into my room I kept all my luggage, got changed and went to sleep.  

Woke up late in the evening, freshened up, and went out to eat at a nearby restaurant. I ate to my fill as I was famished from the long journey. I then returned to the hotel room, opened my laptop, and began planning out my short tour. 

It was clear I wouldn’t be falling asleep in the next few hours due to my evening slumber. I planned out everything for my vacation before the departure date which was part of my tickets for the round-trip flights to Miami. I finally slept at around 1 AM. 

Day 1

I have not counted the day I arrived as I did not do any touring on that day. The exploration activities start from here onwards. 

Freshening Up And Getting Breakfast

I woke up a bit late at around 10 AM. Then freshened up, got dressed, and went out for some breakfast. I ate at a different place this time and set out for some fun. I also packed some snacks, juices, and water along with other stuff I needed.

South Beach

Getting There

The bus stop was a short walk away from the hotel. I made my way there, took the bus to South Beach which was a 20-minute ride, and then about a 5-minute walk after getting off at the nearby bus station.

The reason I picked south beach was because it was not too far away from the hotel. I wanted to start by visiting nearby places first. Not to mention it is the biggest crowd-puller in the city. 

Chilling At The Beach

I spent the day relaxing at the beach and although I was travelling during the shoulder season which is a great time to book cheap flights. There was still a decent crowd there. I also had my meals for the day at the restaurants near the beach. The beach is a must-visit for all the beach bums. 

Other Attractions In The Area

After chilling and sunbathing for over an hour in the afternoon at the beach. I checked out Lummus Park which was nearby. It had lots of greenery and I strolled through it a bit. It was a great trip to Miami so far.

I also walked through Ocean Drive which is a popular street in the region and has lots of boutique stores along it. I then headed to South Point Park which was a great place to watch the sunset. After catching the sunset I checked out Lincoln Road Mall since I loved shopping. I spent over an hour there. 

Heading Back

After that, I had dinner at a nearby eatery and then headed back to my hotel room. I immediately got changed and fell asleep by 10 PM.

Day 2

The next morning I got up at around 8 AM, got ready, and had breakfast at the nearby restaurant. After that, I set off for my next destination, the Wynwood Arts District. I used a taxi this time as it had a faster route.

Wynwood Arts District

The region is filled with multiple galleries, cafes, and local boutiques. Local artists have turned this neighborhood known for its abandoned factories into an art exhibit. The Wynwood Walls are considered its highlight. They have pedestrian-only access and are entirely outdoors. 

Little Havana

After that, I took a taxi again and headed to Little Havana. The place is great for learning about the Cuban community. It was a great spot for viewing some Latin American Art. 

The Calle Ocho is a popular part of this region and is well known in the city of Miami. Nearby I also came across the Los Penarenos Fruteria. It was a fruit store that was known here and had been in operation for about half a century. I couldn’t help but try some of the juice since I needed some energy.

I also checked out the Ball & Chain bar there and spent a couple of hours there. It also had some live music performances too which was nice to see. I then ate dinner a bit early in a nearby cafe and headed home.

Back To My Hotel

I reached the hotel at around 9 PM and immediately went to bed.

Day 3

I got up quite early on this day believe it or not at around 7 AM. I did the usual and got ready and had breakfast at the restaurant. Then I took a taxi and headed for my next place to visit on the trip to Miami. 

Coral Gables

This area is considered one of the best neighborhoods in the state. It has boulevards with greenery that have shady parks and terracotta roofs nearby. The Venetian Pool was a nice attraction to check out in the region. However, you do need to buy tickets to see it. 

I also checked out the Matheson Hammock beach too which by the way was a man-made beach. Many activities like kayaking and paddle boarding were quite popular at the beach. I, however, opted to stroll around instead and also check out the woodlands behind the beach.

Returning To The Hotel

I had dinner there after catching the sunset at one of the nearby eateries and then took a taxi back to my hotel. I made sure I slept early as I needed to get ready to leave for the airport tomorrow afternoon.

Day 4

Early in the morning

I got up early in the morning, did everything to get ready, and had breakfast at the nearby restaurant. After that, I came back to my room and packed my things. It took me about an hour or so. 

Chilling At The Pool and Checking Out

I still had about 2 hours of free time left so I headed to the pool. I took a dip and also sunbathed a bit. After spending about an hour and a half there I went back to my room, took my luggage, and checked out of the hotel.

Flight Back To Delhi

I took a taxi to the airport and then the flight which again was a long one. Good thing I hadn’t finished the book I brought so I had that to pass the time until I landed in Delhi which brought my trip to Miami to a close. 

Final Thoughts

Miami is a great place to tour and has lots of attractions in it. It is much more than just a beach and party if one is interested in exploring. I highly recommend adding it to your travel bucket list.      

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