The World’s 7 Best Escape Rooms Worth Traveling For

November 25, 2021
Escape Rooms

A lot of people do not acknowledge the fact that escape rooms have become a global phenomenon. Not at all like the decade ago, when there was a handful of the escape room, the time has changed. With this change, we are seeing escape rooms become popular and better. As an escape room enthusiast, it is easy to travel around trying new escape rooms. 

But have you ever thought about visiting a place trying an escape room? When was the last time you played an escape room/mystery room in a foreign country? Traveling to a whole new country and exploring its beauty in addition to an escape room will make your trip extra memorable.  

Exploring escape rooms while you travel can be quite fun and incredible. Not only do you get to explore a lot of cool and fun places, but you also get to meet people and try new experiences. However, when trying to explore foreign countries, it can be daunting to pinpoint locations. Where to visit? Where to go? It can all be quite difficult.  

Do not worry; if you like escape rooms and exploring new countries, we have it covered for you. Below is a list of 7 amazing and best escapes that are worth traveling the world for.  

1. The Exit Games – Los Angeles, USA 

The exit games is a big and popular escape room company in the USA. It has branches in several cities. But the main focus is going to be their LA branch. After all, who wouldn’t want to visit LA?  

Los Angeles is a bustling and beautiful city. Not only do you get to enjoy the amazing food and views, but you also get to immerse yourself in the city. There are many more escape rooms in the city; however, the exit games are one of the most mesmerizing escape rooms in the USA.  

2. Get Lost Escape Room – Dover Kent, Great Britain 

The UK is a popular travel location for many people. Some visit for work, some visit for holidays. But for travelers like yourself, this place has one of the best escape rooms in the world in Dover Kent. Get lost escape room is highly rated and a must for an escape room enthusiast.  

However, due to the pandemic, the company closed physical escape rooms and has started online games. But once the conditions are good, you can travel and there safely and enjoy this place in Dover Kent. 

3. Escape Room 125 – Santa Venera, Malta 

Malta has a growing reputation and popularity as a country. Malta has certainly grown in terms of its popularity and the activities it offers. It is beautiful and filled with stunning views and activities to do. 

It is no surprise that escape rooms have come up in this small country. Escape room 125 in Santa Venera is great. It has two of the most amazing escape room games to play. If you cannot visit it, you should try its online escape games. 

4. Revo Escape Room – Toronto Canada 

A lot of people might think, why Canada? Well, it is a beautiful place. There are several places you can visit in and around Toronto. If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to see pleasant snow before the cold winter kicks in. 

Revo Escape room is the other big reason to visit Toronto, Canada. This place upholds uniqueness and creativity. There are three amazing escape rooms to play and enjoy. It has certainly managed to get a reputation outside of the country as well.  

5. Expedition Sydney – Australia 

Many people think Australia is just a place with spiders and snakes. While that may be true, it is also an amazing place to visit. From nearby reefs to its bustling cities, Australia has a lot to offer.  

This escape room in Australia has two branches, Gladesville and Redfern. Depending on your convenience, you can visit both or anyone. There are different rooms to explore. It is a highly rated escape room not just in Australia but in the world as well. 

6. Dimension Escape Room – Almeria Spain 

Spain has been one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe for quite a while now. While almost all places in Spain offer you different experiences with familiar vibes, our focus is on Almeria.  

The city of Almeria is home to Dimension Escape room. It is one of the best and highly rated escape rooms in the country. It is worth visiting. 

4. Tadam Escape – Carquefou, France 

Ending our list with the romantic capital of Europe, France is again one of the most preferred places to visit. It has grown its reputation for its cuisine, music, and its people. However, that is not all; you can explore its history and significant monuments throughout the country. 

And while you explore, make sure to visit Carquefou, near Nantes. It is one of the most highly rated escape rooms in France and one that is worth visiting.  


The pandemic has severely affected travel all around the world. While we are all desperate to return to our normal routine, some are planning their travels. In case you plan to visit any of these places, you should consider going to these escape rooms as well. These 7 amazing escape rooms are the best in the world and worth visiting.    

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