A Budget Travel Guide to Scottsdale, Arizona

October 26, 2021
Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is a city in Arizona that has grown popular for its luxurious properties and golf courses and spas where you can relax. It has a laid-back suburban neighborhood and posh resorts where you can spend your vacations. 

For visitors, there are many options to choose from the activities that Scottsdale has to offer. You can take a morning hike along the canals or horse ride in Arizona’s famous Saguaro cacti in the foothills of the red rock mountains. Explore art galleries while dining at the finest places – Scottsdale has it all.

Even though Scottsdale is known for its luxurious resorts that are nowhere near budget-friendly, they do get near the territory of becoming affordable during the summers. That is because Scottsdale or Arizona, in general, is extremely hot during the summer. 

The prices of the hotels and resorts go down during the hot months, and you can visit without having to splurge too much on the lodging. But keep in mind that there is a compulsory resort fee that you will not see in the basic expense. So make sure to remember about this extra charge while planning the budget for your trip to Scottsdale. 

Here are some top picks of the best budget-friendly staying place in Scottsdale.

5 Budget-Friendly Staying Places

1. Hyatt Place Scottsdale/Old Town – The Hyatt Place Scottsdale/Old Town is located in the middle of Scottsdale, making most tourist attractions and other popular restaurants easily accessible. 

As you know, Hyatt hotels are pretty popular and well-reviewed around the world, so it should not come off as a surprise that this too lives up to the expectations of the visitors who stay in this Hyatt hotel. 

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and you have no extra charges for parking. That means you can enjoy a quick breakfast or your morning coffee at the restaurant before leaving to explore the place. 

They also have other amenities like a fitness center, swimming pool, and their very own restaurant/bar attached. Moreover, pets are also allowed there. Prices are $75/per night during the summers – making it an affordable place to stay during your visit.

2. Andaz Resort Scottsdale – Another hotel that has services beyond one’s expectations. It may be a little expensive, but the services and facilities make up for that. It too has a restaurant of its own and a hot tub and swimming pool open all year round. 

You also have the Andaz Scottsdale spa a couple of kilometers away for you to rest away from all the pains and aches from traveling around the city. The rooms are all air-conditioned – something that is necessary and important if you are visiting a hot place like Scottsdale. 

Some rooms even have a view of the mountains. And free Wi-Fi throughout the property. Even pets are allowed in this hotel. Since it is a little expensive, the cost per night amounts to $135 with no parking charges. It is a luxurious resort so you can enjoy the stay like royalty.

3. The Phoenician – This is a five-star hotel or resort in the city of Scottsdale. So if you want to go all out without any restrictions, this is your go-to. It has eight restaurants spread across the estate and a golf course, all of its own. 

There are also a lot of pools that this resort sports – even having pools, especially for adults and kids separately. As with other hotels, this too has free parking and allows you to bring pets. It is a total luxury course, and you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. 

The Phoenician even has a spa with its rooftop pool where you can feel bliss. The total price comes up to $179 per night. It may seem out of budget, but even there may be some truth, the cost is much lower than most five-star hotels. So all you have to do is spend a little more than usual and live in absolute comfort.

4. Stay With Style Scottsdale – This is a vacation rental property. If you are visiting with your family or in a group and require some privacy and space where you can hang out, opting for a vacation rental is the best choice. 

These beautiful accommodations are amazing and can fit from 8 to 18 guests in the houses. There are multiple estates from which you can choose, and all are quite near in the neighborhood. 

The house even has logistics stocked whenever new guests arrive and has other amenities like swimming pools, a playroom for children, even TVs in every bedroom. The kitchen is fully equipped, so you do not have to worry about buying or bringing anything extra. 

They even have parking spaces and a garage. As for the price, different houses have different prices. They range from $450 per night to $1300 per night.

5. Comfort Suites Old Town Scottsdale – Another hotel in old town Scottsdale where you can visit the place. This is a smaller but comfortable hotel with all the amenities you may be looking for. 

You do not need to look further with this hotel, from air conditioning in every room to have an indoor pool to a fitness center. And the best part is that it is pretty affordable, starting from $160 per night. You also have the international Airport at just twenty minutes distance. 

Other facilities include free Wi-Fi, free parking, laundry services, and a tea/coffee maker. So you can enjoy your morning beverage and relax.

Budget-friendly Things to Do or Visit in Scottsdale.

1. Take a walk around the Old Town Scottsdale – Old town is a downtown area in Scottsdale located in the center. It is a popular attraction spot for visitors. It is pedestrian-friendly, which means you can explore the various art galleries, restaurants, tourist shops – all on foot. 

Even monuments. That is why it is suggested to walk around this area on foot and explore what it offers. From the self-guided walking tour of public art to visiting the museum of the west, you can enjoy everything without spending a penny on transportation because of the close-knitted shops.

2. Visit Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Desert Home – This is the only historic landmark in Scottsdale. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. A great example of organic architecture, built by Frank Lloyd Wright and his team from the sand of the Sonoran Desert and rocks. 

It took him twenty years to build this. An hour-long tour of the whole house, and you can take a self-guided audio tour for this. Moreover, in the voice of Frank Lloyd Wright himself, you can understand the historic aspect of the place. There are even shops where you can buy souvenirs and other things related to the site.

3. Hike the McDowell Sonoran Preserve – The McDowell Sonoran preserve is a conservatory home to various animals, birds, and plants. It is unique in its geography and has many facilities and trails that you can explore. 

Hike through the trail and check out the diverse wildlife residing there. Of course, you will have a guide to take you through the preserve. It is seriously an extraordinary experience to achieve.

4. Check out the Scottsdale public art collection – The last on this list is a must-see for you and the other visitors. It is a public art collection in Scottsdale. There are a variety of art collections you can visit in the suburban city. 

There is also the walking tour in the old town, a downtown area that can give you access to the multiple displays of art from sculpture to monuments.

After this, the last thing that we have to see is the places to eat in Scottsdale. There are many places, and most of them are affordable. Check out where to eat on a budget in this list.

5. The Mission – It is a popular place to eat in the old town in Scottsdale. It is a Latin American restaurant, and many people love their ‘Mahi Mahi’s and white bean puree. 

The menu’s price range is also pretty reasonable and affordable, with dishes starting from less than $30. The timings are also convenient as they are open from 12 pm till 8:00 pm. During these times you can easily go to eat at this place.

6. Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor – This is one of the oldest eateries in Scottsdale, dating back to the 1950s. Just like the name, it specializes in delicious ice creams that cost $15 or less. The place is open from 11 am till 10 pm, except for Friday and Saturday, where it closes within an hour of opening.

7. Hula’s Modern Tiki – Another restaurant where you can eat on a budget and still enjoy the Hawaiian cuisine. It has many positive reviews because of the ambiance it has and its affordable prices. The dishes range from $11 to $30. The timings are eleven in the morning till ten at night.

8. Super Chunk Sweets and Treats – It is for people with a sweet tooth. Their desserts and drinks are popular among locals and tourists alike. The price range starts from $3. That is super cheap. The timings are from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

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