6 Most Unforgettable Things To Do In Assam

May 6, 2021

Famed for its lush green tea plantations, rich wildlife, magnificent waterfalls, and historical sites, the Northeastern is a heaven to be in. However, what’s frequently left unacknowledged would be the incredible items to do Assam that demonstrate that the country would be the most glowing gem among all sisters. By becoming close to character to letting you find a new side of yourself, even Assam offers all sorts of experiences.

So, if you’re thinking of taking a vacation anytime soon, here are the 6 things you do not want to miss for experiencing the most breathtaking Northeastern vacation.

1. Research The Largest River Island: Majuli

Inspired by the Brahmaputra river. And known well for its cultures and customs. Majuli is the world’s biggest river island and also a fantastic place to see in Assam. While the island is seeing soil erosion as a result of environmental issues. Its beauty is well worth witnessing and catching today.

Timings: The ferry service starts at 8:00 AM and runs until 4:00 PM in the day.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee to see the island. However, you would need to pay for the ferry service to achieve the island.

Location: Brahmaputra River, Assam

Hint: Celebrate the Sattriya Dance about the island because it’s a gorgeous sight you cannot afford to miss.

2. Admire The Lush Green Tea Gardens: Dibrugarh

Firstly, The northeastern state and its tea fields are almost interchangeable with each other. And thus admiring them is definitely among the top things to do in Assam, India. While each district includes a mild or dense plantation. Jorhat is the very best town amongst all to witness the most natural wonder in all its glory. Best Tea Gardens in Assam include Mangalam Tea Estate, Manjushree Tea Garden, also Meleng Tea Estate.

Timings: NA

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Dibrugarh District

Tip: If you are traveling to Assam between November to January, do check the dates of the Tea Festival. Because it’s a great event to attend.

3. Spot One-Horned Rhinos: Kaziranga National Park

Being home to the terrific Indian one-horned Rhinos and several other exotic lands, Kaziranga National Park is a major attraction. The vast terrains of the park have verdant greenery and stunning flora. Aside from the rhinos, you might also spot tigers, swamp deer, leopards, hoolock gibbons, and other creatures.

Timings: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Fee: INR 50 for Indian tourists and INR 500 for overseas tourists, along with Extra charges for camera & activities

Location: Kanchanjuri, Assam

Hint: Try organizing your journey involving mid-November to early April since it is the very ideal time to go to the park.

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4. Attend Vibrant Festivals: Bihu And Tea Festival

This is indeed one of the most popular festivals of Assam. Which is celebrated three times a year to appreciate and welcome the offerings of different seasons. If you’re holidaying in the country, be sure to become a part of those festivities. As it’s one of the most enjoyable things to do in Assam. From folk music to colorful attires, you would get to witness everything.

Period: During the day throughout the various festivals

Entrance Fee: No entrance fee

Location: Across the nation

Tip: Dress like the natives and indulge in conventional affairs to have a good glimpse of this Assamese festival.

5. Taste Scrumptious Delicacies: Culinary Feasts

Of all of the things to do in Assam, India, savoring the renowned regional cuisines is an absolute must-do whenever you are in the state. You may not have experienced the Assamese cuisine earlier, and the country is a heaven for non-vegetarians. With so many options which range from hot, spicy to boiled ones, the regional delicacies would certainly leave you amazed.

Entry Fee: They provide a wide range at different prices

Location: Throughout the state

Hint: The Machor Tenga and the Duck Roast is the most well-known cuisines of Assam. Make sure to treat your taste buds with them!

6. Have a Cruise Ride: River Brahmaputra

Lastly, Cruising in the core of the Brahmaputra river and witnessing the sunset is one of the top interesting things to do in Assam. Also, you can’t afford to miss this experience. This journey offers beautiful views and moments that will fill your heart with excitement and delight. And give you a zillion memories to cherish for lifelong.

Tip: The lake cruising may be enjoyed in 2 manners, upstream and downstream, wherein the upstream starts from Guwahati. Thus, pick the path at your convenience. Also, don’t forget to carry your camera.

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