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Why You Need Regular Drain Cleaning

October 14, 2022

One of the most important things in our daily life is to keep our home and area drainage clean and clear. We should be aware that the flow of water through the drain is good enough without any leakage and obstructions. However, due to some daily activities like throwing hairs in the sink, throwing some plastics materials, and flushing it, etc. drainage system might get blocked.

Also, due to this blockage, some gas may form, the plumbing line may break due to high pressure, and there may be a chance of a serious accident. Hence, if we check all the drainage systems in our home regularly and call a plumber at the right time, we can avoid some serious problems that might occur due to the blockage of the drain.

Some Signs To Ensure That You Need To Clean Your Drainage System

Slow Drains

You will observe that your sink is not getting cleared and taking time to pass out the water. This may be due to objects or substances like Hair, grease, soap, and some plastic material clogging up the drainage system. Also, sometimes it becomes tough to clean it up by us. Hence, we should call a plumber for drain cleaning as soon as possible before it gets serious issues.

Mysterious Odours

Sometimes unpleasant odors might come out from your sink; this might be due to some substance or food item that got stuck in the drainage system and got rotten; therefore, due to this reason, some bad gases may form and come out from the sink and different passages. 

Frequent Clogs

These types of clogs are which you might repeatedly face because in these cases, it becomes tough for us to find out the reason why the clogs are forming; hence in this case also need to get in touch with experienced plumbers as soon as possible for drain cleaning and to avoid serious problems.

Gurgling Sounds

These sounds come out when the drain gets clogged, and some gases form due to airtight pressure. It might cause serious issues like blasting pipes. Hence in this case, also you need to call a plumber to solve it.

Multiple Clogged Drains

Multiple clogged drains happen when we do not clean our drainage system regularly, and it becomes a serious problem like leakage in the pipes, damage to the pipes, etc.

Some Steps For Drain Cleaning That The Professional Plumbers Use

1. Remove the drain cover, strainers, and quat block.

2. Scoop out any debris.

3. Clean drain covers and strainers according to facility policy.

4. Pre-rinse the drain with low-pressure warm water. 

5. Apply foam or detergent to the water.

6. Rinse the drain with low-pressure water.

7. Flood the drain with sanitizing solution.

8. Replace the quat block, strainer, and drain cover.

Why We Need Professional Plumbers 

  1. Professional Plumbers are experienced enough to solve some major issues in drain cleaning because they are well-trained in these cases.
  1. These professional plumbers have a license to repair the problem and are also liable for any damage that might have occurred while working.
  1. Professional Plumbers are efficient enough to clean the clogs and repair or replace the drainage system properly where necessary.
  1. We should call plumbers for drain cleaning every month because they used to do a thorough checkup of whole drainage systems to find small clogs or blockages that may cause serious issues.
  1. Professional Plumbers have all the required equipment.; with this, they can easily clean the whole drainage system.
  1. It might take a long time to solve if you want to clean the drainage system, but if we call professional Plumbers, they can solve it easily. Hence it will also save time.
  1. All professional plumbers investigate safety measures like they use proper scaffolding when the plumbing work is carried out on the external face or at a height of more than 2m. 


We must be careful enough to keep our home and area drainage system clean and clear because it might create serious accidents, and we must be aware of it. Hence, we should call plumbers at the earliest for drain cleaning to avoid such incidents that might hamper us.

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