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Things to Consider When Choosing Cushion For Sofa

May 22, 2021
centerpiece on coffee table beside sofa with three cushion

How important is your sofa in your home? Do they add life to your living room? If so, do you have the perfect cushion for your sofa? Well, if you also have the same questions in mind, then it is the perfect time to answer each of them.

Now, what are the things that you need to consider when choosing the best cushion for your sofa? Of course, you need to look for some styling ideas for cushions and their key quality elements as well. Here is a quick list of the said variables:

Complement the Existing Decor

The first thing to consider when choosing a sofa cushion is it must complement the existing decor. It may harmonize or contrast with the present color palette. The important thing to note is to should match with most of the interior design. There’s a lot of options available and you will find the one that suits your needs and preferences. 

Check the Durability of the Fabric

When shopping for cushions, it is practical to check the durability of the fabric. It is essential, especially if you will use the cushion in a high-use location. Aside from durability, it is best to choose fabric easy to clean and stain-resistant. Highly recommended if you have kids and pets at home. Cotton fabric is strong and easy to clean. Velvet fabric offers a stylish look and elegant touch. 

Try the Classic Contrast – Opposites Attract

The black and white combination is a sample of classic contrasting colors, which you need to consider as one of the best cushion ideas you can put on the plate. This contrast styling creates a maximum impact on your living room. You can also try blue and white combination, prints on plain, or plain on stripes. Remember always to maintain a balance with these contrasting cushions.

Incorporate Subtle Tones

Another alternative technique to the classic contrast is going tonal with the cushions that you have. All you need to do is to match your choice of cushions to the existing colors in your room or home. You must also include a set of shades of that particular tone, ranging from dark to light, or vice versa. This move particularly made a good mark with neutrals, as many designers would attest to it.

Consider Textured Cushions

Playing with various textures is a good idea. Beautiful appliques, patterns, and fabrics would add depth to your interior. Think of velvet or suede options to achieve that satisfying look. You can always opt to buy at reputable fabric houses to ensure the quality of your cushions. With this move, you will be able to appreciate the cushions which are embroidered, beaded, or woven as they give additional texture to your sofa. The price, together with the time and effort to come up with these eye-catching cushions, is all worth it once they become part of your interior.

Match Designs with your Personality

Always go with what makes you happy. Therefore, brighten your room with colors and designs that match your personality. Whatever is seen in your room reflects your personality. Your cushions will also tell your visitors something about your personality, so let the designs speak for you. 

Mix and Match is still the best Formula

Be very detailed in matching your cushions’ sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. The mixture’s outcome must be something cohesive representing a common element. Always consider the rules in combing patterns with the shapes – small, medium, and large. The smaller ones will always take the front location since they must be the most elaborate of all.


In choosing your best cushion for your sofa, you must be very detailed in visualizing the outcome of your interior. Jot down your choices and other options to achieve the cushions that would best suit your sofa and your personality.

It can be challenging at first, but you can easily make the right decision once you have the right ideas. There may be a wide range of options but always consider the best one.  You can always check out other articles on my website for more décor inspirations or check out free interior design tips

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