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Pros And Cons Of Choosing White Kitchen Cabinets

June 20, 2022
White Kitchen Cabinets

No matter whether you are looking for your dream house or handling a home renovation, you will have to make many decisions. The hardware to select, the colors to choose from, and the decisions to make about the kitchen design and layout. 

But one of the most important rooms to consider in the process is the kitchen. It is the place where you have your coffee in the morning and welcomes your friends and family when they gather for an event. So, careful planning should go into designing the kitchen. 

While designing the kitchen, many consider choosing white kitchen cabinets. They are one of the hottest debated topics in kitchen remodeling. Many people love the timeless simplicity of the white cabinets but many are critical of it. 

If you are wondering whether to install antique white kitchen cabinets in your kitchen, you need to take a look at the pros and cons. 


Look Crisp And Clean

White kitchen cabinets match perfectly with all types of styles- classy, modern, eclectic, and youthful. Also, the cabinets can serve as a backdrop to highlight the kitchen décor. 

So, if you choose white kitchen cabinets, it will make the rest of the decision much easier. If you have a white kitchen, you don’t have to worry about which countertops will go with it or if the paint colors will clash. Classic, crisp cabinets can balance the shade of granite and can match every wall color. It will also go with any type of hardware finish. 

Have Timeless Appeal

A classic white kitchen cabinet will never go out of style. If you just go through a home décor magazine published four decades ago, you will still see white cabinets on display, looking timeless and pristine. 

The new fashion is introduced now and then. But they fade away even more easily. White kitchen cabinets will never make the room feel unfashionable or dated. 

Increases The Resale Value

You might not be planning to sell your house right now but you shouldn’t forget about the resale value. 

Antique white cabinets are quite popular among buyers. It is easier for them for buyers to imagine their stuff against the white cabinets as it takes away the stress of wondering if their existing items are going to match. 

White kitchen cabinets are just a blank canvas for possible homebuyers. In this competitive housing market, it takes little things to turn off a potential buyer. 

Can Be Dressed Up And Down

In case you fall out of love with your kitchen style or décor, white kitchen cabinets can be truly forgiving. You can easily swap out furniture, décor, and window treatments as the kitchen are mostly white you don’t have to worry about whether it will match. If you love decorating, you can easily do that with white cabinets. 

Reflects Light

Bright cabinets reflect sunlight. This makes the kitchen appear more pristine and larger than it. If your kitchen is small in size, white cabinets can make it appear larger. Spend on white kitchen cabinets as they can make your kitchen appear bigger. If you have well-placed windows in the kitchen, white cabinets will look the best.


Gets Dirty Easily

When you install white unique cabinets for the kitchen, they look clean and beautiful. But they do not age gracefully all the time. Darker cabinets can easily hide the grime, smudges, and fingerprints. But with white color cabinets, it is more recipient. Dirt and dust easily show up in a predominantly white kitchen. 

At times, it might add to your busy schedule and increase your workload. 

Shows Wear And Tear

As your home gets old, the cabinets might go through their usual wear and tear resulting from daily use. Scuffs, nicks, and scratches are just the regular effects of a kitchen. If you install white kitchen cabinets, you will easily be able to notice the blemishes that will cover the cabinets. 

Also, white cabinets can turn a little yellow with age. 

Feels Clinical

The Stark white kitchen cabinet has a utilitarian and clinical feel. When you choose a white kitchen cabinet, you start to compare it to a restaurant kitchen cabinet. This can overshadow the warmth and care of your kitchen. It might also remind you of a sterile clinic. 

Too Much Variety Isn’t Always Good

White cabinets are lauded for their variety. The shade range is limitless. However, that is not always a good thing. White appears brighter in the cabinet and might fall short of your expectations as you see it in person. Cabinets that are glossy and pearly white are different from heirloom white. Hence, it can be quite difficult to match.  

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