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How to Decorate House: 13 Golden Rules

August 17, 2020
Decorate house

How to decorate your home without making mistakes? For all of us, sooner or later, once the time comes to perform a very, very important task: decorating the home for the first time.

We can have very clear ideas, but there are some fundamental details in which we cannot err, that is why we call them the golden rules.

The following 13 golden rules for how to decorate a house, are useful for the interior decoration of any space and simple to follow. But the most important thing is to know what we need and what we want:

1. Looking For The Best House Decoration

It will take time to decorate the home. Firstly, good decoration is the harmonious creation of a large set of pieces (furniture, colors, decoration styles, accessories …). We cannot speed up this work, we need to analyze each and every factor. And most importantly, the art of decoration does not have strict rules. In other words, the best decoration is the one that makes each of us feel satisfied and proud.

What we tell you next are good and tried decorating tips to avoid making very common mistakes.

2. Analyze Our Interior Decoration

Secondly, we need to think about the uses of the room. And after that, we can decorate each corner of the room (reading, watching TV, studying, eating, etc.) and the number of people who will normally use it. We will imagine the different decoration projects and how to decorate and divide the area for each activity. Buy Room Divider Screens for divide room.

3. Types Of Decoration Styles

Look for the best choice of style. We will think that decoration styles are more adapted to our tastes and personality, and also to the natural characteristics of the room (dimensions, luminosity …).

Examine the different options in room decoration and add your inspiration and creativity.

For example, we can base ourselves on a modern decoration with vintage style, take ideas from the Nordic, retro style, create a rustic decoration, opt for minimalism or create a very personal and own decoration combining several of them.

4. Interior Decoration Colours

Deliberate the color palette. We will take into account each and every one of the tones that we already have and must maintain (color of the floors, doors, walls, furniture, accessories …) and we will look for a palette of tones (few) that combine with them.

We will take into account the natural luminosity of each room. The trends in colors 2017 for interior decoration. And we will value wall coverings and vinyl decoration.

5. Choice Of Furniture

Calculate the size and placement of furniture and accessories. Remember to leave the empty spaces to move freely through each room. And avoid the feeling of recharge and overwhelm in the environment.

Measure all the furniture that we want to install and we will simulate the space they occupy (it is very useful to paint them with chalk, masking tape, or placing paper on the ground) and we will consider the spaces necessary to open the doors and drawers, place the legs when we sit down, etc.

We will move around the environment as if the decoration were already done. The simulation with the furniture on to make sure we are not wrong.

6. Choice Of Accessories And Decoration Accessories

We will consider the various furnishing accessories. Carpets, types of curtains, auxiliary furniture, and decorative accessories are essential to obtain the desired interior design.

These accessories and decoration compliments are the ones that will really bring personality to the room.

7. Lighting Points And Lamps

We will decide on functional lighting. We can start with the perfect lighting that we will need when carrying out the different activities (reading corner, work area …) and then we will choose the different ceiling lamps, table lamps, spotlights, styles, designs, etc.

8. Apply Good Ideas To Decorate

However, we will work out a harmonious decoration. Therefore, avoid boring and bland rooms if we place furniture at different heights or including some of a different decorative style.

The upholstery, the color palette, and some accessories can also help us, but a successful interior decoration needs to have some element that enhances harmony and comfort.

9. Comfortable And Beautiful Interiors

We will bet on an elegant decoration. However, avoid placing too many objects, colors, textures, details to achieve an elegant decoration.

Choose the main decorative element to be the point of greatest attention in the environment and ensure that the rest is melted. If we have many articles and we want to expose them all, we will use a few different colors, and thus we will unify.

10. How To Place Furniture And Accessories

Meanwhile, it’s time for cozy room decoration. If we find ourselves with very large rooms or with decorations with little furniture, we must avoid aligning them against the wall. In this way, the movement will have to be in the center and we will achieve a path of functionality. Likewise, chairs and tables will not get in the way.

It is better to create a central area and make a corridor for external circulation. Establish separate areas through the furniture itself, rugs, or Likewise decoration techniques.

11. Ideas To Decorate Comfortable Spaces

We will not neglect acoustics in a comfortable decoration. However, music and adequate acoustics is a comfort enhancer, so we must implement the necessary tactics to achieve an ambient decoration pleasing to the ear.

A good distribution of the speakers and the use of suitable materials are ideal to know how to decorate successfully. The lounge style has more followers every day, perhaps for this reason.

12. Decorate Unique Houses

We will compete for personalized decoration. We can love the decoration designs of the friends’ houses, the famous apartment or the decoration magazines proposal, but our biggest mistake would be to copy something that does not fit our situation and personality. Put your personal touch to make it home, after all, is your place to live.

13. How To Decorate To Our Liking

Lastly, we will allow ourselves a whimsical decoration. If we have a specific hobby, passion or weakness and we consider it appropriate, we can indulge ourselves in enjoying it by including it in our decoration project.

They are very common in these cases the strategic placement of decorative fireplaces, water fountains or areas to place our collections of objects, photographs, paintings. In conclusion, decorating a home is a step by step process.

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