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Why Should You Grow Sunflowers In Your Garden?

November 14, 2020

Plants are living beings, and so are the flowering plants. Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature and some flowers even give the vibes that they can feel as in the case of sunflowers which change their face in the direction of the sun. Sunflowers are native to America and these are some of the old domestic flowers. They have their faces always showing the sun which is different from other flowers. These look eye-catching when grown in the fields in huge numbers. So you should definitely grow sunflowers in your garden owing to their multiple advantages.

For Making Dyes

Sunflowers mainly consist of yellow color but there can also be varieties in orange, reddish, or purple color. In textile industries, the making of dyes is with sunflowers. The food colors are also prepared from these edible flowers which are used in different cuisines. How attractive and delicious the dish looks when any food color you add, feels like eating the same.

As A Food

Seeds of sunflowers are traded after roasting or also with salt and people eat them due to their health benefits. These seeds contain magnesium, protein, and omega-six acid which are good for health. These seeds reduce the risk of cancer and you can also eat them for losing weight. You should eat them if you are suffering from thyroid but should not eat them if you have migraines.

You should avoid eating them with pistachio as it is advised not to eat these two things together. These seeds should be eaten in adequate quantities. Because excess consumption of these can be harmful to your body like these can create stones in your kidney. Excess to everything is bad and so is the food, therefore you should eat everything wisely. For having the seeds of sunflowers, you should better grow the American giant sunflowers or mammoth sunflowers for which you can buy seeds or buy the small plant of it by getting the online flower delivery in Mumbai. You can use these seeds as food for your chickens and birds if you have birds. 

Making Oil

People grow this flower for commercial purposes as oil is the extraction from the seeds of sunflowers. They earn a huge income during every season or the whole year. Sunflower oil is widely in cooking owing to its health benefits.

Brighten Up Your Space

You can use these flowers for ornamentation as well by growing them in your garden. These can make a nice display in your garden. Blooming sunflowers in your garden can lift your mood as well as the mood of people visiting your home. You can also buy a bouquet of sunflowers to give to your loved one and you can buy flowers online.

Attracting Pollinators

You should grow this flower in your garden. So that you can have pollinators for your other plants like vegetable plants or fruit plants. The big size and vibrant yellow or orange color of this flower assist in catching the attention of the bees. Sunflowers provide nectar to these pollinators which is their food and in this way, they are their food source for them. Survival of pollinators is necessary as without them plants will not bear fruit or you will have to do hand pollination of the flowers which is a time-consuming process. The pollinators cannot live without their food and this kind of flower should be growing.

These kinds of flowers that provide nectar are even helpful in the growth of honey bees which are the source of honey. In the presence of flowers, the honey bees would make honey with the flowers otherwise some people keep the honey bees for a purpose and they let the honey bees make honey from the sugar and sell it in the market which is not as healthy as honey from flowers.

Protecting Vegetation From Pests And Birds

These flowers attract pests towards them and these pests like aphids stay away from other vegetables in your garden as they like sunflowers more than any other plant. Birds can also not spoil your crop if the sunflowers are planted in your garden as they remain busy eating the seeds from the sunflowers.

  1. You really shared a very informative post. I didn’t know that dyes that are used in textile industries tar made with sunflowers. Also, proteins and Omega-six acid that are good for health can be obtained from sunflower seeds.
    Thanks for sharing.

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