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Are Residential Cleaning Services Add-Ons Worth It?

December 13, 2022
Residential Cleaning

Obtaining cleaning services in Vancouver can be as high as receiving the same in Toronto at approximately $40/h. Several factors justify this figure, from the regional cost of living to taxes and so on. But, the residential cleaning services Vancouver companies are also known to provide cleaning add-ons apart from regular cleaning treatments. Are they indeed essential, and if yes, how often?

Introduction to Residential Cleaning Services

Before we discuss whether the add-on cleaning services are worth it, it’s vital to become familiar with the basics. A study by Statista reveals the market for household cleaning is set to generate over $40 billion by 2025.

While these figures might seem segmented on the extremely low or high side, they can climb up quickly per the level of cleaning required. Several additional factors like the house’s condition and size contribute critically to defining the cleaning services cost.

Usually, a complete house cleaning service for an 800 sq ft apartment, on average, could require approximately three hours. Parallelly, it can take a little over 4 hours to clean a 2000 sq ft house with two bathrooms.

Based on these numbers, it’s easy to derive that the cost can climb up to hundreds of dollars for cleaning a house. Yet, simultaneously receiving add-ons is an inevitable cost, or should you skip it?

Types of Residential Cleaning Services Vancouver Add-ons

Most people might believe that cleaning service add-ons are a ripoff, but it’s quite the opposite in most cases. See, people who already have an existing cleaning service or are used to performing it themselves can obtain the add-ons to save time & energy.

Likewise, one can hire the following types of Cleaning Add-ons to obtain an all-around household cleaning service for complete satisfaction. (These add-ons can also be available with Condo and Apartment Cleaning Services and Business Cleaning solutions)

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Both do provide you with cleaner clothes, but the former requires using special chemicals, whereas the latter requires using detergents, softeners, etc. Based on the assets and workforce employed by the company, the average cost can differ, but did you also know that it comes with additional popular add-ons? The Fluffing and folding services are the most widely hired among its other add-ons.

Carpet Cleaning

Most cleaning companies offer carpet cleaning treatments within the household cleaning services they quote. The essentials of this service include performing soft scrubbing, steam washing, stain removal, restoration, and odor removal treatments. Depending on whether stain removal is not required, you can expect a lower service cost.

Ceilings & Walls Cleaning

There are more than aesthetic benefits to getting house walls and ceilings cleaned. A spic & shiny surface is free of mold, dust, and grime, which also reflects light better. Obtaining this service every three months can be beneficial for the overall wellness of your property. Furthermore, since this service uses high-pressure jet sprays for cleaning, you may also obtain a garage cleaning service in the package.

Kitchen Appliances Cleaning

Another area of your residence that regularly needs attention and cleaning is the kitchen. You can ask for oven, stove tops, and countertop cleaning treatments to restore the freshness of your kitchen premises and its appliances. Recommended periods for obtaining kitchen cleaning services depend on your kitchen’s use, but it’s ideal to obtain it every four-six months.

Windows & Curtains Cleaning

Your windows and curtains can retain more dust than other parts of your home, so their regular cleaning is essential. For the most part, the procedures used for cleaning windows include dusting, washing, and applying polish as required. As for curtain cleaning, the use of soft fabric cleaners and special chemicals may raise the cost higher.

Fireplace & Chimney Sweeping

Removing dust and debris from your fireplace and chimneys might seem like a seasonal expense. But it should be cleaned twice a year is a must. You might need to pay extra for chimney sweeping services because it requires skilled professionals and special equipment to prevent damage and restore it.

Disinfection & Sanitisation

Sterilizing a property has become a necessity after the pandemic, and its need will continue to exist. So removing viruses, bacteria, and microbes using disinfectants requires an experienced team possessing medical supplies. Thus, the cost can be high for larger properties, taking more than a couple of hours.

Note: Please note that all the residential cleaning services Vancouver add-ons and essential cleaning services are available only on One Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly,.and Monthly basis.

How is Residential Cleaning Services Add-ons Cost Calculated?

The cost of add-ons can differ from company to company, along with the inclusion of other costs based on several factors. Typically, most companies include the following three types of costs in addition to the hourly wages quoted to you.

  • Taxes
    • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
    • Retail Sales Tax (RST).
    • Provincial Sales Tax (PST)
  • Supplies Cost (6-8%)
    • The company provides Cleaning Supplies
  • Overhead cost (10-20%)
    • Insurance Costs, Misc costs, etc.
  • Business Markup (28%)
    • Profit margin – can be higher or lower.

So, for any of the residential cleaning services you might obtain, you can calculate the total cost of it based on the above factors. Naturally, any add-ons will be charged extra. You may also expect these charges to be included in sub-household cleaning specialized services like Move-in-Out Cleaning, Airbnb & Rental Cleaning, Disaster Restoration Cleaning, Post-Construction cleaning, etc.

Key Takeaway

After becoming better familiar with the types of cleaning services add-ons for households, it should be easier for you to decide between them. Please note that supplying your cleaning materials can also reduce the cost. Such arrangements are usually easily negotiable when you hire a trustworthy residential cleaning services Vancouver provider, like Vancity Cleaning Services.

Ultimately, ensure planning the cleaning treatments you want to receive beforehand to get better deals. Today, cleaning houses of approx 1,500 sq ft can cost between $200-300, and for larger ones, it can cost $300 to $900. So, performing basic cleaning as possible can save you some money.

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