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9 Tips That Make Your Hotel Furniture Looks New Always

January 3, 2023

The hospitality industry includes various intricacies that ensure proper functioning, and stakeholders require to have responsibilities down to minor details. However, hotel management comes with multiple peculiarities, but there is a lesser risk of disruption when the managers carters to structure. One essential element in hotel management is aesthetics, but where does hospitality furniture come into the picture?

Hospitality furniture includes a crucial aspect of the hotel industry that guests come to see and sometimes feel furniture pieces as they come to the hotel. Therefore, maintenance is the responsibility of managers. When the furniture gains proper care, it returns; it provides a comfortable ambiance and enhances its lifespan.

So, this blog highlights some cleaning tips for hotel furniture which last you over a decade. 

Simple Hotel Furniture Care Tips

Here are some easy maintenance hacks that enable hotel management to keep furniture like new. 

1. A Rundown on the Wipe Down

Firstly, regular cleaning of all furniture pieces is something that you should be doing anyway. No guest will like to place a coffee mug in a layer of dust. However, using water on wood or scuffing the finishing on your favorite nightstand is also risky. So, while cleaning wood, the first thing to do is soak a rag in water with soap water and then wring it until it becomes dry. It will give you an extra oomph to remove stickiness without soaking the furniture. After a quick wiper down, it will provide you with a new look like purchasing recently. 

2. Avoid Sun Exposure

Be extra careful before placing it in sunlight. It should be exposed to sunlight for a short period; otherwise, it can result in a spot. Thus, to avoid spots on it, place it in minimal exposure to sunlight or cover it with a tablecloth to minimize its effect.

3. Rotate its Position

We are human and have certain habits like sitting on the same place or couch. But the guest like changes and admire them. Therefore, changing furniture places or changing cushions helps them from losing their form. Change is the only constant thing in the world, and everyone likes minor changes. Also, don’t forget to vacuum cushions weekly, as it helps to slow down the sign of aging. In addition, don’t forget to change the mattresses. 

4. Use Coasters

Everyone has become creative; sellers are innovative about art pieces like coasters, shoes, designs, and colors. Even though it is used as decorative pieces but coaster’s main role is to save the surface from water stains. So, while serving anything to guests in the hotel room, restaurants, and lobby, do it with coasters. Water stains not only remove water stains and ruin the aesthetics of furniture but create long-term damage. 

5. Avoid Moisture

Guest will only sometimes have coasters at the right time for placing on the table. Thus, investing in coasters is vital furniture that ensures guests don’t leave moisture rings on a popular console table. So, avoid using wet mops to clean the surface furniture. A dry cloth used for cleaning will work fine. 

6. Read the Care Label

If your furniture comes with a care label, then read it carefully. However, this information is quite helpful because it is specific to the piece you purchased. The furniture may look brand new now, but you must become acquainted with proper care to keep it this way. If the furniture does not come with a label, then ask for specifications for care. 

7. Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning will save you, and it is your furniture’s best friend. If you clean it quickly, there are chances of spills, and you won’t have to worry about changing cushion covers—bleach, soda water, salt, whatever it takes to get it out. 

8. Manage Outdoor Problems

When the furniture gets old, its drawers and inner cabinets can have an odor problem. However, leaving some coffee beans inside the cabinets overnight or a bowl of bleach for a week or more to bid goodbye to pungent odor. 

9. Buy Durable Products

Buying high-quality pieces, but many are surprised to learn how to choose a hotel furniture manufacturer to save money. Quality furnishing is not expensive but worth investing in, and branded products will stand the test of time. The hoteliers must remember that furniture needs to withstand significantly more use in a hotel than furniture meant for the hotel. However, by selecting high-quality products in the first place, the hotels are less likely to experience visitor complaints or negative feedback down the line. 

One way to ensure durability is to purchase from a USA hotel furniture manufacturer. This way, the hotels have more access to the design process, quality control visibility, and short lead times. 


The hotel furniture maintenance lasts longer than usual but requires responsibility and the manager has to oversee it. The maintenance tips above prove that hoteliers don’t need to spend separately to ensure hotel furniture stays in one piece for a decade. Thus, committing to regular cleaning and controlling external factors will provide you best result for furniture, and Sara Hospitality is always ready with new and unique pieces. 

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