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11 Genius Gardening Hacks You’ll Be Glad You Know

September 9, 2022
11 Genius Gardening Hacks You'll Be Glad You Know

We all have a hobby that calms our souls and keeps us at peace with ourselves at the end of a tiring day. While for some, it may be reading a book in one corner of their room, for others, it may be cooking some delicious meal or doing some gardening.  

After returning home yesterday from my game at the LockBreaker Escapes, I lolled on my living room couch, feeling tired. Only then did I notice one of my indoor plants wilting in a secluded corner of the room. I immediately got my tools ready to revive my potted buddy back to its original state.  

Do you also love to take care of your potted friends nestled in your backyard or inside your home? You can check out these few helpful gardening hacks that will help you be a better friend to your plants and take care of them more efficiently than earlier. Read on: 

1. The self-watering Wine Bottle Planter! 

Take a few empty wine bottles and fill them with water. Then fit some terracotta stakes neatly inside the water-filled wine bottles.  

After you do it, be very cautious and stick your bottles upside down in the soil of your potted plants. As the terracotta stakes slowly absorb the water, it will help ensure that your plants’ roots get the right amount of water every day! 

2. Plant-in-a-pot Design

For this little trick, you will need a couple of pots of the same size, so they can easily fit inside each other. Then, you must put your already potted plants inside another pot (yes, double potting, you see!) and bury them at ground level. 

So, the next time you want to repot your plants, you can lift the upper pots and change them for another one! Double potting your plants will also make it hackle-free to bring your plants indoors when it gets cold outside.  

3. The Magic Of Cinnamon Powder 

Did you know that cinnamon powder has anti-fungal properties? Now that you know it, you can use it as a helpful gardening trick up your sleeves. What’s even great is that it even has a lovely smell! 

So, you can put a little cinnamon powder each time you grow seedlings in your garden. In this way, you can prevent fungal infections in your plants.  

4. An Alternative Watering Can Serve Your Needs! 

You do not always have to buy a watering can if you do not have one. You can use an old milk jug to fashion your very own watering can.  

Take an old milk jug that you can find lying at home, and then heat a needle over a flame. Then use this heated needle to make a few holes in the cap of your milk jug, and there you have your new watering can, ready to use! 

5. We are Making Use of Old Cans 

Yes, your old cans can be helpful for gardening, you see! So, go ahead and gather a few old cans lying around in your house. 

Then fill up the bottom of your old cans with soil and plant your pots in them. The cumulation of the plant and the old can will enhance your plant’s drainage by creating air pockets that enhance your aeration process.  

6. Try Out Lawn Edging 

For this, start by laying down a 2×6 board on your lawn, garden, or even flowerbed. Hold the board fixedly with your feet and slowly drive your flat garden spade along the board’s edge. 

Position your board as you may need to make a neat and clean line. This way, lawn edging will become a piece of cake for you now! 

7. little Help From Coffee Grounds 

Coffee grounds have a remarkable ability to keep pests away from your plant. So, you can now mix coffee grounds in your soil to keep harmful pests like ants, slugs, or even snails at bay! 

Furthermore, there is yet another advantage of using coffee grounds in your soil when it comes to acid-loving plants. For such plants, coffee grounds can act as a beneficial fertilizer! 

8. The Wondrous Citrus Peels! 

Citrus peels can do wonders for your plant! So, get going, poke a hole at the bottom of your citrus peel, and fill it with soil. Then sow your seeds in this soil and water it.  

When you find your little seedling is ready, plant it in a pot along with the peel. As the peel decomposes over time, it will add to your soil’s humus content! 

9. Eggshells to the Rsuce! 

Even egg shells can help you to keep your plants free from pests. Crumble down your eggshells and mix them with your soil. Egg shells will protect your plants from pests like slugs or snails! 

You can even encircle your crushed egg shells all around your plants to keep them pest-free! 

10. Your little Greenhouse! 

Cut an empty soda bottle and remove all the labels. Then put it upside down on your small pots to make your little Greenhouse! 

Now, you can plant your seeds or even tiny seedlings and watch them grow with time! Ensure that you remove the Greenhouse once your seedlings have matured enough.  

11. Use your Shattered Pots! 

Do you have a few broken pots lying in your shed? Well, pull them out and let us make some use of them. Did you ever think you could use these broken pots to fashion inquisitive labels for different plants in your garden?  

You can break down the more significant pot pieces into any desired shape. Then take these fragmented parts of your planters and write the names of the plants on them using a permanent marker. You can also use a sharp object like a knife to carve out the terms of your plants on the broken pieces of your plants, to give them a rustic look!  

Keep these 11 ingenious gardening hacks up your sleeves each time you time gardening. In this way, you can refine your gardening skills in no time! So, go ahead and try out these few hacks in your garden.  

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