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Guide To Italian Meal Structure For Organizing A Party

August 25, 2020
Italian Meal Structure

Whenever you are organizing a party; there are certain points that you have to keep in mind for a successful Italian Meal Structure party. These points are extremely important when you are organizing an Italian theme party or a gathering for Italian friends.

The Italian Meal Tradition Is Very Ancient

The traditional Italian meal structure has its roots that go back to the 4th century. But according to researchers, it is much more ancient. It had influences of flavors and tastes from other neighboring regions as Italy was invaded multiple times.

The Italian Cuisine Taste Different In All Regions

Each region of Italy has its uniqueness however the other nations who conquered gave what they brought. This variety of taste is seen in various dishes which are made from Italian mozzarella cheese.

What Is The Eating Habit Of Italians All Day?

You must know the eating habits of Italians all day. Because they follow their tradition strictly and any deviation from this pattern will not make them happy.

Colazione or Breakfast

A typical Italian breakfast for adults consists of coffee mixed in hot milk. For children, hot milk is serving with barley or chocolate. Coffee is also serving with various Italian pieces of bread.

Lunch – Pranzo

You must have seen that shops and offices in Italy close from 1 PM to 3 PM. This is because of lunchtime. Even the children at school can go home for lunch. Still today fresh cuisine with buffalo milk Italian mozzarella cheese is made and served. But many prefer fast food or even frozen items.

Snacks In The Mid-Afternoon

During the mid-afternoon, there are very few people who love to have light snacks that are similar to the meal style of breakfast. These can include milk drinks with or without caffeine, fruits and vegetable salads, pieces of bread, cookies, nuts, and biscuits.

Dinner Or Cena                               

Many people eat their supper at supper time. However, others prefer to have it at dinner. The food served in Cena is equaling to the food consisting of primo or secondo. A few Italians just want to have soup in Cena.

Important Ingredients To Look For In Italian Food

A typical Italian food consists of very few ingredients. But the main components are a vital part of almost every dish as mentioned below. These ingredients are used along with some others that are the specialty of each Italian region.

Italian Mozzarella Cheese

If you are making or ordering cuisines from the south of Italy then mozzarella cheese has to be a vital part of the dishes. This can be bought from various Italian food shops including Sogno Toscano.

Canned Tomatoes

Tomato is another ingredient that is popular amongst Italians and is an important component of Italian cooking and should be at parties. The cherry tomatoes are the ones that are the favorite among Italians.

Pasta Variety

Above all, pasta is the main food that has a large variety coming from all regions of Italy. The first-ever written record of the pasta was seen in the 1st century AD. Which was the very initial form of lasagna. 

Italian Spices

In addition, Italian cuisine is incomplete without Italian spices. The herbs are sage, rosemary, garlic powder, coriander, thyme, oregano, and basil. Spices can use fresh or in dried form.

Meal Structure Of A Party

It is common thinking that a proper meal structure can only arrange at parties for example birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. But the meal structured mentioned below can arrange at simple family lunches and dinners.

Enjoy The Appetizers

The appetizers are typically serving on tables where people stand and enjoy drinks that are alcoholic and non-alcoholic. To accompany the drinks very little amount of food is serving. This serves the purpose of munchers.

Antipasto Or Starters

Starters are serving before the main course to make the stomach prepared for the heavier first course. This consists of light sandwiches, pieces of bread spread with pastes, southern Italian mozzarella cheese, and meat platters. 

First Course Is Primo

The dishes that are included in this course are the staple food that is specific to the different regions of Italy. Pasta is the main dish which is serving with meat and vegetables of that particular region.

Second Is Also A Main Course

The second course has only meat dishes that must include fish, meat, beef, lamb, and pork.

Insalata Or Variety Of Salads

These are a different variety of fruits and vegetable salads. You have the choice of serving it raw, cooked, or both.

Sweet Dish – Dolce

These are a wide variety of sweet dishes arranged from all regions of Italy.

Caffé Digestivo

At the end of every meal, a small quantity of coffee is serving so the meal can be digested easily. The coffee is strong to help is digestion faster.

Formaggi e Frutta

Some courses in the Italian meal structure are optional. This includes a full course in which different variety of cheese and especially Italian mozzarella cheese is serving.

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