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The Surprising Benefits of a Face Massage

July 29, 2021
Face Massage

First and foremost, what exactly are face massages? Simply explained, they are like body massages, but solely for your face. During a face massage, movements such as gentle deep stroking, tapping, pinching, and kneading are applied to regions of your face that are prone to puffiness, wrinkles, or muscular strain. Facial massages have countless benefits, including rejuvenating your skin, reducing stress, dispersing unnecessary fluid build-up, slowing down the aging process, and encouraging healthier skin. For more regarding the advantages of face massage, take a look at the section below!

Benefits of a Face Massage


Face massages are equally effective at alleviating mental stress as they are at soothing muscular strain. They will make you feel more at ease and comfortable at the end of a hard day.

Increases Circulation

A short face massage, like completing a set of jumping jacks or push-ups, initiates a burst of blood and oxygen. This enhanced flow in your facial area will reduce puffiness, brighten skin tone, and detoxify your skin.

Enhances Product Absorption

With the proper skills and movement techniques, you can ensure that your preferred products, such as moisturizers, toners, and serums will successfully penetrate your skin, and ultimately, be absorbed and activated. 

Facial Muscles are Toned

A majority of folks have a lot of stress on their faces. Massages can tighten your forehead and eye region. Which are prone to wrinkles caused by recurring irritants, fatigue, and use. A few minutes of a facial massage can help relieve the stress that our facial muscles often experience.

Releases Toxins

Facial massages improve the blood flow and lymphatic drainage in your face. This equates to enhanced waste and toxin removal, which will ultimately keep your skin fresh and clean on the inside and out.

Face Vibration Benefits 

Face vibration is a more technologically advanced version of traditional face rolling. There are numerous benefits of a vibrating face massage,  including relaxing facial muscles, reducing puffiness, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention, your skin will appear more toned, lifted, sculpted, and revitalized. The vibrations not only increase blood flow and lymphatic evacuation but also produce negative ions.

Reduces Aging Signs

Regular face massages can help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and pigmentation. This is because they increase blood circulation, which leads to an increase in collagen synthesis that aids in the formation of the skin’s structure. In the long run, face massages will increase skin suppleness, making you seem younger.

Smoothes the Skin

If you have rough skin, a radiant and even skin tone will not suffice. With specialized facial treatments, your skin can become smoother and brighter. This is because such treatments can assist your body in the elimination of toxins, the prevention of skin sagging, and the creation of a smoother texture, in only a few weeks.

Acne and Acne Scars Can Be Reduced

Massaging the face aids the skin in removing any impurities. Acne is kept at bay when pores are kept clean. Regular skin massages can improve skin structure and tone, while also decreasing the visibility of any acne scars.

Products are Absorbed Better

Incorporating a face massage into your skincare routine will improve the efficacy of your products. Apply a serum or moisturizer to the face and massage it in to help increase absorption rates.

Skin Detoxification

Pollution and filth can cause your skin to appear dull. Luckily,  a face massage can help cleanse it. If you want to go the additional mile, use a moisturizing cleanser. This will remove dirt, oil, whiteheads, blackheads, chemicals, and other impurities from the skin and unclog the pores by removing product build-up while ensuring that your skin will stay hydrated.

Pain Relief

Face massage not only relieves tension and softens and smooths skin, but also offers a few health advantages, such as pain relief and skin healing. Stressors, worries, and headaches can all impact the facial muscles, but a simple face massage can help relax these muscles and alleviate any stiffness.

Enhances the complexion

As you know, face massages improve blood flow and promote healthy skin. The increase in blood circulation also makes your skin brighter and more even in tone. Optimal blood circulation can also increase the flow of oxygen to your face, which will do wonders for your complexion and give you a healthy glow.

Benefits of the Facial Massage Roller 

Most likely, you’ve seen a face roller on your Instagram feed or at a friend’s house. This little tool is often composed of jade or rose quartz. Some feature two rollerballs, while others resemble a little rolling pin. Ultimately, they are  believed to provide significant skin advantages, which include: 

  • Increasing blood flow to the face. Using a face roller helps increase blood flow to the face, making your skin appear brighter and tighter.
  • Assisting in the treatment of congested sinuses. According to accredited research, using a face roller may help clear the sinuses. Though the research is still in its early phases, the outcomes look promising.
  • Reducing puffiness. Rolling may also help to reduce puffiness (such as difficult-to-manage under-eye bags) by promoting lymphatic drainage.
  • Cooling and soothing your skin. You can cool your skin on contact if you keep your roller in the refrigerator or use one with a naturally cold stone (such as jade). This will depuff your skin and tighten your pores rapidly.
  • Distributing skincare products. Rollers are generally used in conjunction with oil or moisturizer to ensure that the tool glides seamlessly across your skin. This method will immerse the skincare product deeper into your skin.

Best Facial Massage Techniques 

A facial massage is like a non-surgical facelift – it tones the muscles under the skin. The more you train these muscles, the stronger they get, just like the rest of your body. Facial massages can smooth out wrinkles and preserve skin firmness by improving the skin’s strength and resilience.

Warm Product in Hands

You should never feel as though you are tugging or tugging your skin when massaging your face. A tiny quantity of serum, oil, or concentrate will enable your fingertips to travel more smoothly across your face, thus ensuring that active ingredients reach the deepest layers of your skin. Simply apply a small quantity of the product on your palms and massage it into your palms to properly distribute it.

Apply Firm But Gentle Pressure

Apply enough pressure so that you can feel and move the muscles underneath the skin. When it comes to massages, work with the muscles rather than simply the skin’s surface. To do this, you must apply pressure with purpose. However, do not be too harsh on your skin. A face massage is not the same as a deep tissue massage-remember to apply strong, yet moderate pressure.

Massage The Lymphatic Areas

Massage the lymph nodes beneath your ears and down the sides of your neck with the tips of your fingers. Sweep large circles from beneath your ears down to your throat, then back up along your jawline. This will alleviate the fluid buildup that is causing you to feel puffy or bloated.

Knead Your Face’s Sides

Remember to pull your skin up and out rather than down. This will elevate any sagging skin and muscles and keep them from dropping any further. Repeat for two to three minutes, while focusing on the regions where your muscles feel the tensest.

Smoothen Forehead Lines

Slide your fingers between your brows and up your forehead tenderly. Repeat this motion across your brow, pushing the skin up and out gently. Massaging against any existing lines on your forehead will smooth them out. 

Massage the Area around the Eyes

Place your fingers on either side of your nose and slowly run them up to your temples. This action will aid in the reduction of puffiness, the lifting of drooping skin, and the “awakening” of the eye region. Use extra caution when massaging around your eyes, as the skin is thinner and more fragile in this area.  

Neck and Decolletage Massage

With gentle and vertical strokes, massage the skin from your chest, up to your neck, and then your jawline. This will increase the efficiency of the lymphatic system and smooth out any fine wrinkles that have formed in this often overlooked area.

At-Home Face Yoga

After you’ve had a facial massage, you may give face yoga a try. This specialized type of yoga can optimize blood circulation in the facial area. To begin, bring your shoulders down to relax to relieve tension in your upper body. Then, gently massage the tops of your knuckles across your forehead to the temples. Take a deep inhale and exhale as your knuckles across your forehead.

Eye Massage

Circulate two fingers beneath and around the eyes, over the brow, and pause at the temples. Do this five times. Place your index finger on your top lip and your middle finger below your lower lip for another eye exercise. Sweep up to the temple, then repeat four more times on each side.

Massage of the Forehead

Start by swiping five fingers up to the temples on each side. Then, sweep your fingers up to your hairline and around your eyes. Finally, run your fingertips along the sides of your face and neck. Another option is to glide up the side of the neck.

You may also give yourself a face massage with tools such as jade rollers and gua sha. However, it is often better to use your hands. This is because you will have more control over the amount of pressure you are applying and can also use your fingertips to target tight regions. All this being said, while it is beneficial to use your hands during a face massage, it would be ideal to use a stainless steel rollerball or cold jade roller for the delicate area around your eyes.  Simply place it in the refrigerator before applying for super-soothing eye treatment. 

The key to long-term success is to massage your face daily. Experts recommend incorporating a face massage into your skincare regimen two to three times a week. This can help with circulation, ease tension, and, over time, elevate and tone your skin. 

Health Benefits of Facial Massage

Facials are known to bring forth youthful and healthy skin. Most facial treatments include exfoliation and hydration, which promote healthy skin. While facials include exfoliation and hydration, which help to general skin health, here are some of the more surprising health advantages that have increased their popularity in recent years:

Facilitates Circulation

Because our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, poor circulation manifests itself as dull, pale, or discolored skin. The circulatory system transports nutrients (oxygen, vitamins, and minerals) throughout the body, while also eliminating waste. Exercise is one technique to enhance circulation; massage is another.

Congestion is Reduced

When you have sinus or nasal congestion, applying pressure or massaging the congested region may provide relief. During a face massage, the muscles relax and the lymph nodes are stimulated, allowing lymphatic movement and stagnant fluid drainage to occur. This drainage is frequently required to eliminate fluid build-up and relieve nasal discomfort.

Calms the Mind

Body massage has long been recognized as a wonderful technique to alleviate stress and help you relax due to favorable psychological and physiological factors. Face massage, like body massage, reduces anxiety and alleviates negative feelings while increasing sympathetic nerve activity offering powerful, effective stress relief and psychological relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is daily face massage good for my skin?

skincare clinics recommend giving yourself a face massage at least twice a week. However, a moderate massage for 5-10 minutes per day will not hurt your skin either. A daily massage can promote blood circulation and the gradual fading of fine wrinkles.

What are the benefits of massages on the skin?

By relaxing the face muscles, face massages assist to decrease the appearance and development of wrinkles. Furthermore, face massages improve blood flow and prevent toxins from accumulating.

Do face massages reduce wrinkles?

Yes! As well, massaging your face increases oxygen and blood flow to your skin, which can also reduce puffiness and brighten your skin tone. 

When should I have a facial massage?

For bright skin, skincare specialists recommend having a face massage 2-3 times a week.

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