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Relaxing Loungewear Pieces For This Season

November 2, 2020

I bet there isn’t anything more relaxing than a cozy, comfortable loungewear set, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and a binge-worthy web series or books after a long day at work. I know that a pair of old shorts and an oversized, ragged tee stolen from your ex will be just as fine. But the loungewear sets we are gonna introduce today are stylish and sweet, which will make you fall in love with the pieces at once.

How The Idea Of Loungewear Evolved Over The Decades?

To remain comfortable in one’s own space, the idea of loungewear had essentially emerged. It dates back to the 1800s when loungewear and sleepwear were quite synonymous. Sleepwear in those days consisted of a long nightgown or a nightshirt in flannel, and cotton, which were later also available in linen.

In the late 1900s, Chanel was the first global brand to launch pajamas for women. This acted as a symbol of liberated women, and night suits started receiving laurels and gained popularity.

The later decades, the 1960s-70s, saw a better and defined picture of loungewear. By that time, fashionistas started differentiating loungewear and nightwear from one another. But nightwear still remained an integral part of sleepwear.

Since then, by adapting itself to the context, designers modified and changed the loungewear into the current loungewear sets that we see today. You never know this style of loungewear too might change in the near decades.

Belle Love, with its exquisite, enviable range of casual wear has been winning our hearts for a long. This time, they are all set to impress us with their wide variety of cute and comfy women’s loungewear sets.

Winter is approaching and due to the pandemic, most of us are indoors. And for that, comfortable winter loungewear sets are a must in your closet.

On their website, you would find a range of luxury loungewear sets, women’s loungewear tracksuits, sweatshirts, and whatnot.

Loungewear Sets

Belle Love Italy Katie Star Women’s Loungewear Set: 

This women’s tracksuit made in a soft comfortable jersey has a classic neckline. The statement star on the front can flatter women of any shape or size. The sleeves, which can be rolled up to a comfortable position, have a dipped hem.

The comfy joggers have a drawstring waistband and side pockets and are elasticated at the ankles. This star tracksuit is super comfortable and apt for relaxing at home.

This loungewear set is available in shades like Khaki, Teal, Mocha, Dusty Pink, Silver Grey, Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Denim Blue, and Black.

Belle Love Italy Tiger Star Matching Set: Animal prints never go out of fashion. Be it indoors or outdoors, an attire with striking animal prints and vibrant shades peps up any mood. These animals printed matching winter loungewear sets, crafted in soft comfy jersey, have round necklines. It comes with a pair of matching loose joggers.

You can roll up the long sleeves to a height according to your choice. This top has a dipped hem style along with zipping detailing. The bottoms are loose and comfortable and have a drawstring waistband and side pockets for a flattering silhouette.

The animal print loungewear set is available in shades like Khaki, Caramel, Stone, Bordeaux, Mustard, Dusty Pink, and Denim Blue.

Belle Love Italy Leopard Print Loungewear Set: Leopard prints, neither go out of fashion, nor we can ever find it enough. There’s always room for more and more leopard print outfits and accessories in our closet. Then why not add a loungewear set too in that list.

This all-over leopard print tracksuit is made up of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane. With a round neckline and full-sleeves. This all-over leopard print tracksuit consists of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane fabrics. It has a round neckline and is full-sleeve. The drawstring joggers that come with it are comfortable and are amazing for you to relax.

An animal print is also available.

This loungewear set is available in shades like Dusty Pink, Caramel, Silver Grey, Dark Grey, and Denim Blue.

Crafted in a soft comfy jersey, this loungewear set has stars printed all over. With a classic round neckline and dipped hem style, the top has long sleeves that can be easily rolled up as per your choice. This top comes with a pair of comfy, loose drawstring track pants.

Belle Love Italy Star Loungewear Set: A star-printed matching loungewear set would probably be my personal favorite. Made with 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane.

This set is available in colors like Khaki, Silver Grey, Denim Blue, Dusty Pink, and Black.

Printed Pants

At Belle Love, you will also find a whole range of printed, or sequined comfortable and loose lounge pants and track pants, which is affordable, loose, and super comfortable. Your favorite t-shirts will look best when paired with these. 

These fashion fit, stretchy cargo pants come with a drawstring waistline, functional pockets, and a chic rolled-up hem.

Women’s Sweatshirts

Lastly, You obviously need sweatshirts to go with your track pants, right? Keeping that in mind, Belle Love also has a range of sweatshirts that are comfortable, colorful, and crafted in fine jerseys.

Want to see more like these? Browse through Belle Love, and get your favorite pick today, before the winter sets in.

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