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Is Laser Hair Removal Effective for Dark Skin?

September 20, 2021
Laser Hair Removal

Keep the myth on another side that laser treatment won’t work on the dark skin complexion people. Because laser skin treatment absolutely works on both fair and dark skin tone people, it is a super-effective hair removal procedure with zero side effects. Before that, you have to remember few things.

The expert dermatologist Michelle and Jeanine Downie suggested considering the texture and color of the skin before considering a laser hair removal treatment.

What to do Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

If you are thinking about getting laser hair removal treatment, then you must be crossing off a minimum list of criteria for a better outcome. You have to choose a board-certified and highly experienced laser skin practitioner in your city. It is because darker skin is exceptionally sensitive than light color skin because deep color skin has more melanin pigment.

Choose a clinic that has a good reputation along with success stories with dark skin people. Ask them to show the before and after effect photos of an old patient who has dark skin. Don’t be hesitate to ask your doubts to a skin specialist before the treatment, ask directly them about the side effect and expected complications you may face. You must take complete information about their experience in the field of laser hair removal job, and how many dark skin patients they have successfully treated over the year.

To ensure the best result of laser hair removal, you have to follow pre and post-laser routines. You must try to maintain your skin experts’ advice before and after the treatment. He will review your existing medication and skincare products. They will ask you to avoid photosensitive ingredients like AHA/BHA, Salicylic acid, retinol, and retinoids. These products should be avoided a minimum of 10 days before your laser hair removal treatment

Choose the Right Kind of Laser for Your Skin

Laser hair removal treatment can be semi-permanent or permanent depending on the nature of the laser you pick. In laser treatment, the skincare experts use amplified light to completely remove hair from the targeted site. Energy comes out from the light and safely eliminates hairs by targeting each follicle. 

As the melanin pigment of dark skin people is high, the energy of light targets the melanin along with the hair follicle. This phenomenon makes the complete procedure very sensitive for dark skin people.

That’s why you have to opt for the right expert who will use the right kind of laser device for dark skin. YAG Laser (the 1064 Nd; YAG laser extracted). This is a long-wavelength laser that bypasses the melanin of skin cells and directly targets the hair follicles to remove. If your expert uses the wrong kind of laser, you may face a significant amount of side effects. Like, scarring, barning, permanent discoloration. And these symptoms are difficult to treat.

Apart from the YAG laser, there is also another option which is GentleMax Pro Laser. It is expertly advised safe laser for dark-skin complexion people. It is because the GentleMax Pro Laser carries two types of wavelengths. One is short wave-length (755 nm) and another one is the longer wavelength (1064 nm). The longer wavelength does not absorb the melanin compared to another wavelength. For this feature, this laser can effectively remove all hairs leaving no side effects. It is not only good for dark skin but also effective for light skin people. The longer wavelength with 1064 nm targets its complete energy into the dermis layer of our skin without damaging the melanin of the cell. It effectively bypasses the epidermis layer. Thus reputed dermatologist of UK, Karavolas suggest GentleMax Pro Laser is a very safe option for dark skin complexion.

Laser treatment for dark skin people is very sensitive because any kind of side effects including discoloration, scars from burns is difficult to treat.

Post-treatment Care & Maintenance

After laser hair removal treatment you have to take care of the treated area properly. You have to avoid certain things to maintain your skin health. You may face redness and swelling after laser treatment, aloe vera is very effective to soothe your skin because it has intense cooling and moisturizing effect.

The doctor also prescribes corticosteroid medicines twice a day for 10 days after treatment. Also, you can use ointment with aloe vera gel, vitamin E, K, For better outcomes. 

Don’t step out from home without applying sun protection cream on the treated area, because UV-A and UV-B from the sun are directly exposed onto the target area because there is no hair to cover your skin, thus your skin gets easily tanned.

Doctor asked to avoid activities that may irritate your skin after your laser treatment. After hair removal, your skin needs to be smooth with cooling skincare products with zero harmful chemicals.

Skincare experts do not suggest bleaching, plucking, and waxing after full body laser hair removal for at least six to eight weeks because the skin becomes sensitive after treatment.

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