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How To Change Nose Ring In 5 Easy Steps?

July 5, 2022
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One of the best things about a nose piercing is that you can change it as per style and enhance the face’s overall look. As nose piercing is vulnerable to infection problems, try to find the steps to change the nose ring safely and clearly. 

Nose rings can be made of gold, silver, or pearl. These are items of jewelry that can dramatically alter the appearance of the face in an instant. A simple gold or silver nose ring is a great option when you don’t want to wear a lot of jewelry but don’t want to appear too formal. It will not only give you a fashionable appearance, but it will also boost your style quotient.

You may simply make a statement with your appearance by selecting the right designer nose ring. Here are some ideas that you can use when it comes to choosing the right nose ring trends for different occasions:


Nose studs go with practically any outfit and are appropriate for any occasion. This is one of the most significant advantages of the nose ring trend. And, yes, you can wear them without being concerned about your clothing.


They look fantastic on women with long, narrow noses. If you have a broad nose, you should avoid wearing hoops. They come in a variety of patterns and sizes. The larger ones are also available in pearl and diamond materials. They are appropriate for all traditional occasions and attire.

Septum Nose Rings

The only thing you need to wear septum rings for different events and with different clothing is the proper fashion sense. Of course, you must have the confidence to pull off the style that these rings provide.

Steps To Follow To Change Nose Ring

It is essential to follow the correct steps to ensure it doesn’t trigger a chance of infection. Give the importance of allergies during the aftercare stage, and consult professionals as and when required.  

Remove Old Jewelry

Wait for the piercing to heal and change the piercing with sterile gloves and wash your hands. Remove the fastener of the ring, and it can vary depending on the shape and mechanism to open the ring. Now, slide out the ring but be careful if the piercing has to curve. The nub, on the other hand of the ring, will pass the piercing, making it a little uncomfortable.    

Clean The Piercing

Now, use saline solution to clean the old and new rings before using them again. Rub the jewelry with alcohol and rub with a clean cloth. It can clean off any bacteria and easily glides inside the piercing when you wear it. 

Use Antibiotic Ointment

Apply antibiotic ointment on both surfaces of the nose ring so that it perfectly goes through the newly done piercing. It will prevent the piercing from becoming an infection and reduce the chance of pain when changing the ring. 

Insert Nw Jewelry

Slide the ring using the pointed end into the piercing and do it by removing the fastener. Keep your finger on the other side of the piercing to ensure it has been correctly inserted. As you feed in the ring, consider the curves while going slowly on it. It can help remove unnecessary pain, and it is easy to change the piercing. 

Fasten Jewelry Carefully 

Fasten the clamp or beads before wearing it. Try to check how to open it, wear it, and go by a comfortable one. Try to have one that is easy to open and smoothly slides through the piercing.  

So, when searching for when can I change my nose piercing, make sure to clean the nose in between changing the jewelry. While cleaning, use antiseptic to avoid the chance of infection. While changing the piercing, if there is any bleeding or pain, it is better to see your professional. A delay can lead to unnecessary infection, which may take even longer to heal the wound. 

When to change a nose ring?

If you search for when I can change my nose ring, ensure that the piercing has completely healed. It depends on the type and place of piercing in your nose and change the jewelry only if you are confident of its healing. 

Nose piercings take a long time to heal compared to common piercings, and it is due to limited blood flow in our nostril cartilage that slows down the healing. 

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